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Dear Mother-in-law, Your Son Didn't Leave Your House Because Of Me I Swear

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Dear Mother-in-law,

I know I don't fall under the typical Indian girl/bahu category and you've always hated me for this. You hated me when your son spent more time with me in the bedroom and you hated me also when your son was including me in all the important decisions of his life, home, finances etc.

You forced your son to move out separately, expecting that he would rather leave me instead of moving away from you. But again, the man who I chose as my life partner, decided not to leave me but to leave the house where he had spent all these years of his life. And you hated me even more.

But how could you not respect the girl whom your son had chosen to get married to? Your mature enough 34-year-old son had taken some decision and why can't you be happy with that? Your son never ignored you because of me but he tried to make me feel comfortable in the new house, new atmosphere and I think this is what every man is supposed to do. You should have felt proud that your son is such a gentleman. Well, you never understood my point of view and always tried putting a question mark on my existence.

From kitchen to the living room, bathroom to bedroom everywhere you rubbed it in that it was not my home. Whether it's about cooking food or bringing groceries, about washing my clothes or performing a puja — you humiliated me everywhere and every single time, you asked me to stay in a separate house if I wanted to do whatever I liked. I never got your point there, I'm sorry.  

Today when we are in a separate house, your son misses you and looks like you also miss him because you call him almost everyday and you even ask him to come home on festivals but while making so many calls, you never ask him about me. You never ask your son to bring me home too. You never call on my number to ask me how I am.

So dear mother in law, let me tell you one thing today. You thought that your son is away from you because of me then sorry to say, but were you expecting him to be unmarried for life? You feel while living in a separate house, your son should keep on helping you financially and you are happy that your son is doing that. But do you ever realize that your son is doing it because your daughter in law also helps him? You wouldn't have got the money if I didn't keep your son free from the burden of all house expenses. I manage so that you can live a comfortable life.

I never asked for anything from you and I repeat, I don't need anything from my husband either, except his love. I understand that we have to give you and father-in-law a good life so I don't plan for an expensive vacation.

I don't need diamonds or gold jewelry, but I prefer getting something that maybe useful for the house and not this house where I'm living with my husband but that house where you never let me have a single meal with peace.

I don't know what the qualities are of a good or an ideal daughter-in-law for you. All I know is that I've always put your happiness before mine. However, I'm still the worst person for you because I am not a typical soft spoken, shy girl, who is always entertaining people around her. I have no clue why I need to fake my real self to gain your love and affection. 

This post was submitted by Payal.

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