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Yes, I Love Him. But I Won't Let Him Cheat On His Girlfriend.

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I really don't know if loving another woman's man is the right thing to do, but that's what has happened to me. He has been in a relationship for four years now.

When I was in MBA, I fell for a classmate. We grew close but he began dating someone else. I was shattered. Later in the course, I was working with a team of seniors. Working with them was really rewarding. That's when I met the guy who was already in a relationship. We became friends. He even helped me get over the guy I liked.

We began speaking every day. Slowly, I was sharing personal stuff with him. You guessed it. I fell for him over the course of time.

I'm afraid to call it love, but he's more special to me than anyone I've ever liked. We grew closer and started hanging out more. That's when he also became attracted to me.

But you know what, I'm not the kind of person who would spoil another relationship. We both realized something wasn't right and decided to correct the course of our friendship.

He is not an expressive person at all, so I never knew what he felt but I started feeling a change in him. I don’t know if he had actually changed or whether I was feeling that way, but it was the worst time I went through. I’m still going through this period of silence and confusion!

But we decided to remain best friends and still talk to each other but at this stage, I’m seriously not able to cope up with his changed behaviour! I don’t know if he has really changed or work schedules have made him busy, but I miss him way too much and really don’t have the courage to go tell him anything to his face because I fear that I may lose him forever!

But this will remain to be the most beautiful time of my life... the time I spent with him! They say that falling in love is not in our hands and neither was he disloyal to his girlfriend, but I miss him and I don’t know how to get out of this.

In the end, I just hope he's happy.

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