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Waiting For Her Was The Best Thing I Did And She Finally Said 'Yes'

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I still remember that day vividly even though it happened three years ago. Sometimes it seems like the whole thing happened only yesterday. That precious moment in which we finally got to be together as one. No. I am not talking about our marriage.

I am talking about a girl who said, “Yes” to me after I proposed to her the 12th time. That sweet memory and that moment will remain etched in my memory and in my heart for forever.

I met Ayesha (I have changed her name here) for the first time when we were in school. We were studying in 11th standard.  I developed a liking for her then and there. She was an adorable and sweet quiet girl who sat on the last bench of the class. For almost a month I could talk only about her to my friends. I would tell them how much I liked her and how badly I wanted to be with her.

One day, she was playing ‘truth and dare’ with her group of friends. She got a ‘dare’ asking her to say, “I love you” to me. I was surprised when she went ahead and did it. Those were the sweetest words she had ever said to me.

I knew that she did not mean those words when she said them but heart of hearts I wished that she had really meant the words when she said them to me.

She was committed to a boy called Pankaj (I have changed his name here) who studied in a different school. But maybe we were destined to be together. So we finally ended up together. We were in the second year of our graduation when she accepted me as a part of her life. She then started developing feelings for me.

Initially, I had a massive crush on her. But over a period of four years, I had started falling in love with her. I had made up mind already. I knew that I would spend the rest of my life with her. So I waited for her patiently. I never let any other girl come into my life.

And when she said, “Yes” to me, I knew I had done the right thing by waiting for her.

It’s been three years now since that day. The love that I have for her is as fresh as it was when she first accepted me. In fact, I fall in love with her every day over and over again.

She is still as beautiful and as sweet a person as she was at that time.

I thanked God on that day. I had prayed to him and asked him to fulfil my wish of spending the rest of my life with this girl. And he had answered my prayers by bringing her into my life.

I promised God that I will always keep her happy and safe and will do everything to ensure that she has an easy life.

We would talk for hours together, and still, all I wanted to do was to spend more time with her. Both of us had a busy schedule. We hardly met. We rarely went out together. But every time we went out for a movie or to celebrate our birthdays, we would make sure that we made it special for each other.

She is the best thing that happened to me in my life. Everything about her amazes me. She is a good singer. She is a studious girl who wants to score the maximum number of marks in all her exams. She loves me a lot. I don't even know how these three years have passed. These were the best three years of my life.

No relationship is like a fairy tale. I know this. Our relationship has its fair share of love, fights, commitments, misunderstandings and breakups. We too have broken up due to our conflicts several times.

Sometimes we just think differently. No human being is perfect. We aren’t either. Every time we fight we get back with each other. We then apologize to each other and start caring and loving each other with more intensity.

Our love has become our lifeline for us. We are inseparable, and we know that no one can separate us in future too. Both of us vowed to marry each other in future on the first day of our relationship. We knew we were made for each other. We knew how much we loved each other. So, even after three years, our love is still as fresh as it was on the first day of our beautiful journey together. We fight quite often even today. Sometimes we don’t talk to each other for a long, long time. But we still care for each other and love each other. We plan our future together every day.

Every time we fight we feel we have come closer together in our relationship. Our connection is so secure that even without telling each other we know the problems we are facing.

I know what is bothering her and she can sense it immediately when I am upset.

This is the impact that she has created in my life. I can’t even think of getting any other girl in my life.

I wait for her to talk to me every day. I expect to fall in love with her again when I hear her voice again. I always have a smile on my face when I see her. If I am not able to sleep at night, all I can think of is her. I always dream about us every night. I have even planned for our future. I know when and where we will get married and where we will go on our honeymoon together. I have also planned all the things that we will do together after we get married.

Whenever she listens to all these plans of mine, she starts blushing. Whenever we Skype, she blushes.

Her cheeks become red and she will always have that special smile for me. That smile of hers is worth dying for.

We share a deep bond of love which only becomes stronger with time.

I have heard other people say that ‘True love doesn't exist.' They also say that ‘People don't stay the same forever. They change after some time when they become bored. When people change - relationships change too.’ I want to say just one thing to all these people – ‘If you love someone truly with all your heart and soul, the love that you have for that person will never die.’

Whenever a girl agrees to get into a relationship with you – she accepts you just the way you are. She accepts you as the only special one with whom she can share her innermost feelings. It then becomes our responsibility to take care of her feelings. We have to make sure that no matter what happens, we will never hurt her heart.

None of us is perfect. We all make mistakes. But it becomes our responsibility to accept our mistakes and make amends for it. She too will make mistakes. But it is our responsibility to make things right for her. All good things take time to settle. And for me, this has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.

If you have that kind of grit to be with each other during the rough phases of your life, no force on earth can ever break your relationship with her.

Over these past three years, my love for her has only increased. I love her the way she is. I find her sexy the way she is. I accept her the way she is. Our love has been strong enough to prevail over all the rough patches that we have experienced so far.

I love her so much that I am willing to fight for our love at any time, on any day and against all odds.

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