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Only When I Found My Husband, I Knew I Could Have The World

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I love this man. I love him not because he is handsome but because he had found respect in my heart. Whenever I look at him, I know more and more about him. It’s because he is my kind of person and I have dreamed of a partner like him. He made my entire wait worthwhile.

Building warmth and love in arranged marriages is mesmerizing. He doesn’t appear to be charming by his looks but I don’t know why I am getting attracted to him day by day. Whenever I look at him, I questioned myself "Do good men still exist?" Yes, they exist and one fine day you will find them.

Whenever I am with him, he makes me complete by his smartness and elegance. The way he looks at me, and when I encounter his eyes, we both smile without any reason.

He made me realize what love looks like. As far as I know, love is something that could make you strong and weak at the same time. Love is not about having a beautiful face or body. Love has to be built and it requires trust, patience, care and satisfaction. Love has been made with many shades of colours. As pure white, the irresistible red, and mysterious black.

I want to share a physical, mental and spiritual interaction with him. I would like to make memories with him. I want to invest in him, learn from him, see him win, support his trajectory and want to fall in love with him daily.

It’s astonishing when your temperament is exactly the same as someone else’s and you two just spend rest of your life laughing with sayings of each other. I just want to stay with him like a promise. I want to spend 60 years of my life with him. And it’s not necessary that each day will always bring happiness to us. There may be some days for our fights and griefs with each other. But it doesn’t matter, I am always on your side. Loving you was never an option, it will always be necessary to me.

My happiness relies on him and I know his happiness relies on this family. I always try to put my best efforts to be a part of this family. Whenever I fail, he helps me find the right path. He lets me know my shortcomings. He remains with me. After all, happiness is all about sharing and caring, to be with our family, to have a family. And his love has given me quite the strength to understand and share our responsibilities.

We both could make our way through prosperity as well as in adversity. Love cures people- both who gave it and the one who receives it and to have someone who senses your mind is the best kind of intimacy.

Before him, I didn’t need to fall in love or need someone. But the day he appeared, I started wanting everything. All I need for our future is his time, attention, loyalty and efforts.

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