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My Passion for Judo Lead Me into the Fascinating World of Nutrition

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My journey into the world of nutrition was sparked by my passion for Judo. It's funny how life takes unexpected turns, and a simple desire led me down a path of discovery that would shape my life in remarkable ways.

When I was pursuing my Judo career, I had a specific goal: to gain just one kilogramme in weight. That single kilogramme would allow me to compete in the light heavyweight category, under 63 kilogrammes. At that point, I weighed only 56 kilogrammes, and gaining that extra weight seemed like an insurmountable challenge.

In my pursuit of weight gain, I tried everything people suggested. From indulging in banana milkshakes to consuming ghee and more, I explored various avenues. Yet, despite my efforts, the scale seemed to remain stubbornly unchanged.

During this time, I began to question the concept of food beyond its basic purpose.

I realised that there had to be more to it than simply consuming calories. This realisation ignited a curiosity within me that would eventually lead me to understand the intricate relationship between food and nutrition.

After completing my initial studies in business, I took a leap of faith and decided to delve deeper into the world of nutrition. I pursued a certification in nutrition, driven by the desire to unravel the mysteries of how food impacts our bodies in ways beyond what meets the eye.

This journey led me to obtain a Postgraduate Diploma in Nutrition and Fitness from Chennai University, and I further enhanced my knowledge with advanced certifications in nutrition. Additionally, I achieved certification in CEP through the Sports Authority of India.

The more I learned, the more I realised how vital it was to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice.

Working with Rujuta Diwekar provided me with invaluable experience. One of the most striking moments was witnessing tribal women in Sonave lead vigorous lives fueled by simple, locally grown foods. This experience deeply resonated with me, highlighting the transformative power of wholesome nutrition.

However, my journey was not free from challenges.

One of the major hurdles was debunking the various myths and misconceptions surrounding food. For example, the belief that ghee is unhealthy and leads to weight gain must be corrected. In contrast, ghee provides advantages not only to the body but also to the brain due to its abundance of essential fats.

Through this journey, I've realised that good health isn't about depriving oneself or adhering to extreme diets. It's about finding balance and making informed choices.

Contrary to popular belief, not all fats are detrimental, and carbohydrates are not the enemy. The right nutrition has the power to reverse conditions and transform lives, as evident in the remarkable stories of my clients.

As I continued my journey into the realm of nutrition, one conversation with my mother caused a significant shift in my focus. I still remember that day when she asked me why people experience certain health issues, and my immediate response was that it could be due to a stressful pregnancy.

She then suggested that I should work with pregnant women. That resonated with me, and since then, I have primarily been guiding expectant mothers towards a healthy and joyful pregnancy.

The pinnacle of success in my journey lies in the health and vitality of my parents. My father turned 70, and my mother is 65, yet both lead medication-free lives. They embark on travel adventures, embracing life's experiences to the fullest. Witnessing their vitality is a testament to the profound impact of nutrition on well-being.

Our bodies reflect our choices. The food we eat affects our health and energy.

As I look back on my journey, I realise that we can shape our well-being by making conscious choices. Our bodies are amazing, and we can maintain good health by making mindful decisions that respect this gift.

In a world where information is abundant yet often confusing, my journey into the realm of nutrition has not only transformed my own life but also ignited a passion to guide others on their paths to wellness. Every choice you make impacts your well-being, paving the way for a life enriched with vitality and abundance.

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