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My Orthodox Parents And Failed Relationships Led Me To My Arranged Marriage Fairy tale

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This story revolved around only my life, until now. I’m a single child, and I have missed out the fun of having siblings while growing up. Both my parents were working, so I had to be on my own until evening time when they would come home. I was very bright in school, though only in my studies. Even then, my parents never appreciated my ranks, they wanted me to top the class, even when I would come 2nd or 3rd. And my parents wanted me to be friends only with people who had high rankings in school, so I had no say in the choice of my friends. Even in my neighbourhood, they never let me play outside because they wanted me to study hard.

They wouldn’t let me participate in any school choir or dancing or other activity for the fear of me getting distracted from studies.

So, this had been my life until 10th standard. No friends, no siblings, no hobbies, just being alone. When I joined 11th standard, I thought that things would be different. But the pressure from my parents kept on increasing and because of this, I lost all the good friends that I had made in a year. I was always looking for some friend with whom I could share everything. But I had none.

Then I got a cell phone in 12th standard. And little did I know, my life was about to change.

One of my classmates borrowed my phone one day, as she had to call someone. And she returned my phone immediately after that call, and it was just for a minute that this exchange happened. I kept my phone back, and in the evening when I went home, I saw 5 missed calls and 3 messages from an unknown number. I ignored them. But the calls wouldn’t stop. And I was very afraid because if my father would see this, I would be dead, even though at that point I did not know if the caller was male or female. Worst case scenario, if it happened to be a male and my father found out, he wouldn’t even listen to my side of the story. I had experienced this earlier, because when I was in the 7th standard, one student from my tuition classes who was in class 3, called on my landline to inform me that he won’t be coming to tuition.

He called me so that I could inform our teacher, and my father was listening to this call all along and he beat me black and blue for that.

So, I kept avoiding these calls, put my phone in silent mode, and went to sleep early. The second day, I asked my classmate who took my phone if she knew that number, she said that she misdialed the number yesterday and it was that. Out of fear of my parents, I replied with a very rude message on that number to put it to end. But that person sent many apologetic messages. And me being naive, I took these texts to calls and eventually, to a relationship. He was understanding, loving, caring and what not. He even came to meet me, though I met him only with my girlfriend by my side. Everything was smooth, I wanted to marry this guy but only after completing my studies. I knew I was rebelling against my parents, but I had found love. I scored high marks in 12th, but my parents were not happy because they wanted me to come first at State level. Anyway, I got an admission in a good engineering college.

My first-year results were out, I had topped in all the subjects in my class but flunked in one subject. And all hell broke loose in my home.

It was not my fault, but my parents wouldn’t understand. My boyfriend also broke up with me due to his own other issues. I was diagnosed with a major health condition then. All of this at once pushed me into depression. I didn’t give up. I fought and found that my health condition was recovering. I cleared my backlog and scored excellent marks in the next semester. But I was missing love in my life again. This is when another guy entered my life. We were in the same college, and he was senior to me. I found love after a year, so I was happy. But this relationship didn’t last more than 3 months because he wanted to get physical and I wouldn’t agree with it. So once again, I was all alone. I had been excelling in my studies. In my final year, I met another guy through mutual friends. This was long distance for a year, in the beginning. I graduated and landed a good job, and started working. This guy had become my world. He had come to meet me in the city where I was working at, away from home. My parents knew about him, but they thought he was just my friend.

Eventually after all these years, my parents finally allowed me to have a mixed group of friends.

This guy and I were in a very good space, we were both working and were ready to settle. We even got physical. But things went downhill after two years and we broke up. He was a sex maniac too, and I realized this a little too late, so I had to walk away. And then came along another guy into my life, this time from work, who ended up being the best amongst all the guys I dated in my life. I was happier than I had ever been. This relationship was all lovey-dovey, non-physical and full of roses. Until now, all of my relationships had been clear, and I never did anything from any of those guys about my past. Everyone accepted me with my past.

But for this guy, it was harder to accept things since I was not a virgin anymore.

But still, he accepted it and wanted to wait until marriage to have sex with me. After two years, he broke up with me saying that he liked someone else. I was heartbroken again. I was doing my masters then and had left my job. I concentrated on my studies.

I also realized that all these relationships of mine were rebounds. I finished my masters and got a job with a good pay.

I took a break from relationships for a year. After that, I had arranged marriage. My husband knew everything about my past, I made it clear before our marriage. It has been three years since our marriage, now and we are in a perfectly healthy relationship. He understands me, nurtures me, believes in me, loves me, lets me dream and achieve things which I thought were never possible for me. I too reciprocate with the same intensity.

And now I realize, that everything happens for a reason. My story has also ended up becoming a fairytale now, because my husband is my prince. I’m so thankful to God and my husband for giving me so much love, at last.

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