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My Friends Thought I Was Crazy Till My Dream Boy Became A Reality!

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I am from South India and belong to a joint family. I have always been a quiet girl who loved being alone. Since childhood, I enjoyed playing alone. Even when I made friends, I was different from the others.

Shouting at people or bossing over and fighting with them was not my cup of tea.

I enjoyed my college days with my friends but also concentrated on my studies. Being an average student, I made sure that I completed my studies without any pending papers.

When I was in class 12, I had a dream where a holy lady told me about a boy who was going be my life partner. The next morning, I opened my eyes and recollected the dream.

I was clueless why I had such a dream and did not bother about it.

As days passed, I started seeing this boy often in my dreams. I don’t know when but I slowly started falling in love with him.

I know it sounds funny, but I was madly in love with my dream boy and would wait to see him in my dreams every night.

Days, months and even years went by and I started pursuing my degree. I had my group of friends with whom I spent a wonderful time. There were some guys who proposed to me but I refused them saying that I was already engaged.

I had even named my dream boy 'Surya'.

Whenever I saw my friends with their boyfriends, I never felt jealous but I did feel sad. My heart cried thinking about the man of my dreams and I missed him, even though I’d never met him. My friends did understand my feelings for him but they called me crazy.

I don't know what made me wait for him; in fact, I’d decided to wait lifelong for him.

One morning, during the 2nd year of my degree, my friend told me that a boy had asked her for my details.

When she asked him why he needed the details, he said that he was in love with me.

I was least bothered to know who the guy was and my only question to my friend was, “Did you tell him that I am engaged?” She said yes and we forgot about the whole thing.

A week later, I was waiting for the same friend at the bus stop. When she arrived, she asked me to slowly turn towards the right and look at a guy who was leaning against a tree. I turned to see who it was and I was stunned to see that he was the one!

The one whom I’d dreamt about all these years, the boy who ruled my heart, the king of my dreams.

My heart almost skipped a beat when I realized that he was looking at me. My friend whispered that he was the one who had asked for my details.

I was frozen in shock. Soon, our bus came and we got into it but I couldn't control myself. I peeped out of the window to look at him and he smiled with joy.

I was embarrassed yet awestruck by his beautiful smile; I’d never seen such a dazzling smile in my life!

I did not see him again for almost 2 weeks and didn’t know what to do because my friend had already told him that I was engaged. Somewhere in the middle of the 3rd week, I saw him at the same bus stop.

I kept looking at him while he was busy watching some school kids playing cricket. The moment he looked at me, I turned as if I’d never seen him.

But that one look made me smile again after weeks.

After a few days, he came to my college with one of his friends. I was busy chit-chatting with a group of girls when I saw him. I don’t why I felt nervous. He called my friend and spoke to her.

After a few minutes, he left. I was eager to know what they spoke and couldn't wait to ask my friend. My friend's answer drove me crazy. He had asked her again if I was engaged and she had said yes.

It was not my friend’s fault because neither had I told her the truth nor did I have the courage to go and talk to him.

I just kept everything to myself. I don’t know when my friend and he became friends but one day, to my surprise, I saw them talking casually at the same bus stop. When I went there, she introduced me to him.

Our eyes met and it was a wonderful moment but I couldn’t talk to him. We just greeted each other and walked away.

A few days later, when I got on the bus, I felt that someone was looking at me. I turned and was surprised to see him. He smiled at me and I smiled back. It was a Tuesday and I was going to the church.

He followed me there and I was too tempted to turn and look at his face.

When I turned, he said, ‘Hi’ and asked me the time. Instead of telling him the time, I showed him my watch and we started talking casually.

When we reached the church, I sat down to pray and he also prayed beside me. As we walked out the church, he asked if we could talk for 2 minutes. I agreed. This time, he confessed that he was madly in love with me.

I had butterflies in my stomach but I didn't dare to look at his face or reply to him.

He said that he knew I was already engaged and I didn’t know what to say! My friend had also told him that the guy lives in the same lane as me. As far as I knew, there was no one in my lane with the name ‘Surya’, so I wasn’t worried.

I didn’t reply and silently walked away from there lying that I was getting late for my class. I felt blank and helpless.

The thought of the future scared me.

If I said yes to him, he would probably believe me when I said that the whole Surya story was made up. But what if he started doubting me later?

He stopped troubling me because he thought that I was engaged. However, he befriended the guys in my lane without my knowledge and started inquiring about Surya. The biggest problem arose when he got to know that a boy named Surya stayed on the 1st cross while I stayed on the 6th cross.

He asked me if he could meet Surya but I refused. When he said that he would directly go and talk to him, I couldn't take it anymore.

I was caught in my own web and that made me wild.

I ended up shouting at him because my mind was very disturbed. The next day, I met him and said that I didn’t know who Surya was and requested not to trouble him.

He gave me his cute smile and said that he knew the truth but wanted to hear it from me. He also knew that I was not engaged to anyone.

I looked at his face and he asked me to just be his friend. I smiled and agreed. We became friends but he kept reminding me that he still loved me.

Around 2 to 3 months later, he sent me a mail that said, “I’m sorry to have hurt you but will not hurt you anymore. I will not trouble you any longer."

"It doesn't mean that I’ve stopped loving you because I will love you forever. But I will never show you my face again.”

Tears rolled down my eyes. I still didn’t have the guts to tell him or my friends how I was in love with him for the past 2 years. Finally, he came to meet me. I was so happy but was also angry with him for trying to leave me.

This time, he was very strong and said that he'd never leave me.

When I told my friend that he was the man of my dreams, she was so happy. She called him immediately and forced me to confess my feelings to him.

Yes, I confessed my love and he was overjoyed! It was the happiest moment of our lives.

Today, our wedding date has been fixed and we couldn’t have been happier.

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