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My Dear Husband: I Don't Want A Divorce, I Want You

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I've been married for 1 year and 3 months. We met on jeevansathi. Families knew each other, things were not that good but we were determined and got married within a month.

It was lockdown so we had a lot of time to spend together. I had my past, he had his. My breakup never took place, I just got married and I thought I would be able to move on but it was a bit difficult for me to do so. So yes, there was a bit of chatting. My husband came to know. But honestly, I had moved on.

We, my husband and I, we're together but he was always doubting me. Still, we were standing with each other. But somehow our families came to know about our relationship hitting rock bottom. It became worse. He doubted me like hell. Still, I wanted to be with him.

I loved him and he loved me. But due to family's interference, things got worse.

Now the thing is, that he wants me to sign the stamp paper, and then only our relationship will survive. My parents are against it and that's why we are staying away from each other.

All I want to say is - baby, I love you still, I love you. I don't want to end our relationship like this. I still want to be with you and have babies with you. Let's not end this due to a few misunderstandings. I still miss you. My clothes, my car, my teddy, my room, my phone, my laptop, my mug, roads everything and everything reminds me of you. I miss you a lot.

Please come back to me. Let me love you the way we promised each other. Pure mad love. Let's give each other one chance, please. Please, baby, please. I really beg you. I really can't live without you.

The divorce thing makes me sick. Just come to me please, come to me without any conditions, without anything else. Let's just be husband and wife, as we used to be.

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