I'm Sorry I Used You But I Wanted To Prove That You Could Love Me

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 15 January, 2018


When I was in class 9, I was crazy about a guy named Ashwin from my school. He was 2 years older than me, tall and good-looking!

The connection between us started in class 8 when he asked my best friend for my number.

He called me and introduced himself saying that he had seen me during our dance practice sessions for the annual day. We spoke and when we finally met in school, I got to know that our classes were on the same floor.

I was already in a relationship that I wasn't interested in but this guy had blackmailed me to be with him.

However, I never liked him. That's when I met Ashwin. We would message each other every day and slowly, I started falling for him. One day, he proposed to me through a text message and I was shaken.

I didn't say yes, but I was in love with him.

I told my friend that Ashwin had proposed to me but I got a huge shock when she said, "He is actually in love with me but I'm not."

"I’d dared him to propose to you and he did it."

I was heartbroken but I kept myself strong. However, I didn't stop messaging Ashwin.

I’d saved his number under a girl's name because my mom didn’t let me talk to boys. One day, the guy I was in a relationship messaged me and my mom saw it.

Though his number was stored under a girl's name, his message had the word "kiss", which made my mom suspicious.

She called him but he cut the call and messaged back saying, “Why are you calling?" My mom went through all my messages and woke me up as I was sleeping.

As soon as I woke up, her first question was, “Who is this?” I knew she’d found out the truth and I was out of words to give an explanation.

She took away my phone and said that I couldn’t message or call anyone anymore.

The next day, I went and told both the guys what had happened. At the end of class 8, I broke up with the guy I was in a relationship with. I continued talking to Ashwin and it seemed that he liked me too.

But my friend kept saying that he was in love with her and was crazy about her.

This went on for a few months. The next cultural program came and he kept irritating my friend who he was in love with. She asked for my help in getting rid of him from her life.

I agreed and kept telling Ashwin how she was not interested in him and how much she hated him.

During that process, I accidentally proposed to him and within 2 minutes, he said yes. I was surprised and confused at the same time.

The same evening, when I was leaving for home, I turned back to say bye to him and he kissed me!

Thankfully no one in saw us kissing as almost everyone had left school. The next day, he was playing volleyball and I was watching him with two other senior girls.

Suddenly, he started coming towards me and as I walked to him, he kissed me again! I tried to push him away as there were people watching us but I wasn't able to.

Our kiss became the talk of the high school!

I was waiting to meet him but when he saw me, he just ignored me. I couldn’t understand why. He ignored me the entire day.

Later that day, I bumped into his best friend and asked her why was he ignoring me? She said, "He was sad in class and when I asked him the reason, he said that you had proposed to him but he was never in love with you.”

I told her that he was the one who said yes when I proposed!

But her reply was, "He is in love with your friend.”

And that was the end of our relationship. He was my first love and my first love cheated on me!

Now I'm in my 2nd year of college and in a relationship with my childhood best friend since the past one and a half year.

Even our parents know about our relationship and both the families are happy for us.

I recently spoke to Ashwin and asked him why he left me. His response was, "The girl I was in love with, your friend, said that no one could fall in love with me. I felt humiliated.”

“When you proposed, I wanted to show her that girls do fall for me, which is why I used you.

But I've grown up and I'm sorry for what I did."


Editor's Note:

Share this story because it is unfair to lie to someone and use them for your selfish needs. A person who truly loves you will never use you.