I Wasted A Year Of My Career Working In An MNC That Promoted ‘Flattery’ Instead Of Hard Work

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 15 March, 2020

Hello all, I'm not writing this post to gain some sympathy but want some suggestions as to where I should head now.

A few years back, I came down to Bangalore from my native place, in search of a job. Within the next three months of search, I got a job offer at an MNC. I was feeling at cloud nine, though it was a contractual job. Initially, I was a bit scared about the new office environment and culture. But after I joined, I felt that I had the best team and there was no sign of office politics. Little did I know that there was something being cooked behind my back.

Most of the time, my reviews were negative and I was constantly told that I need to improve.

I always gave my best yet I had to listen to the crap from someone else. I found that the ones who joined after me were well-versed in flattering people and gossip and thus, they got more weightage. I was a quiet and an introvert girl, so I hardly raised any matter related to it. Soon some juniors got promoted, I didn't argue over it. Later on, everyone started to take me for granted. I used to be a backup for every other person. But for some time, I got some good friends on the team, who tried to cheer me up and guide me.

When they moved out, I again felt lonely, and things were going as usual.

I was longing for leave but first I have to confirm that no other person is taking leave at that time, which was a hilarious thing, as my team was a big one. Soon, I was suffering from some health issues which erupted because of work-life imbalance, and I took leave for a few weeks. I joined back and was working as usual. After a few months, some members moved out of the team, and there were some new recruits on the team. Again, entire pressure came on me to work on end-to-end of the process. I wasn't allowed any personal leave and had to work in extreme shifts. Even after that, I was always told that I wasn't working properly.

I was out of my mind and decided to quit the company.

Post that, I started searching job but was shocked to know that the profile on which I had been working for so long, hardly has any market value. Most of the companies don't recognize that to be proper work for which one should be paid. I have already lost a year on it. Now I'm in a dilemma as what I shall be doing next. Any suggestions, please?

Editor's Note:

The way you think can limit who you are. Looking at what she has done, she has been strong enough to accept that she has to get out of her comfort zone to achieve success.

If you are in such a messy situation, look for an opportunity in the time you have, other than work. Surround yourself with vibes, people and ideas that resonate with you at or off work.

A job can provide security to the pocket but it never assured security to your calm.

Pick up a hobby, talk to people who will put a smile on that face, make likeable tasks difficult by inducing more challenges, forget your job once you step out of the workforce, take a vacation or just clean your house.

You know there is a calling that people miss in the noise created by BS, don't worry "the calling" screams when it is unheard for long, just like your friend who walks on the other side of the road yells to be noticed.

Throw away what you don't like, don't hide behind your desk, you had the strength to come so far, you will achieve what you wanted.

Believe in yourself when the world didn't, so you can smile back at it and say "See I didn't need your approval".The answers for your questions add a better fodder to your fire if they arise out of your restrictions and personality than looking for the fodder elsewhere. Only you know what will keep the fire burning.

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