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I Took Time To Focus On My Career And It Cost Me My Relationship

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We were in a relationship for 5 years. Everything between us was smooth. He was one of those people who could go to any lengths to make his girlfriend happy.

Our bonding was such that every friend of ours used to admire us.

Five years went by, we had no such issues that made us feel like we should break up. Rather, we were so much into each other that we even decided to do court marriage but somehow that just didn't happen, maybe destiny had already planned something else for us. We soon finished our graduation. I completed my graduation from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore and he completed his from Christ University, Bangalore. After my graduation, I decided to do MBA and then work for 2 years. So, we moved on with our decisions. I planned to do my MBA in Bangalore itself. I joined one of the best Universities in Bangalore, and we were happy that things were working well just the way we wanted them to. One fine day, at my University, some problem came up between the Chancellors.

Soon the University was going to shut down. At that time I had no clue what to do, what was going to happen next. Basically, I was mentally disturbed at that time. Obviously, when I was in so much pressure I could not give proper time to my boyfriend. So, I called him up and said to him that "Baby I need a break, but I promise you I will definitely come back to you". He didn't say much, he just said, “Call me when you think you need me”. And we hung up. A week or two passed by, by then I prepared myself to move out from this town and concentrate on my career because I had no other choice left. So, I called him up and told him that I will be moving out of this city so can we please meet.

He just said to me that I should not call him again as he had moved on in life.

Then, of course with concern, "with whom"? He replied, “with your friend Gurpreet”. I was shocked when he said her name because she was one of my very close friends. She knew what he meant for me. Knowing everything, how could she take away my boyfriend? I was shattered. I felt like someone just took away my heart from me. I felt so used, like a tissue paper. I hung up without saying a word. Five years of a relationship and it all got over in a week. It's been 2 years already and not even one day passes by where I can say that I don't think of him. Everyday tears roll down my cheeks and I question myself, where did I go wrong? I always loved him and I think I can never get over him. He still has a totally special place in my heart. I know that he hurt me by doing all this but I feel he deserves someone better than me. If that makes him happy then I am happy that he has finally found his soulmate.

Love happens only once and I truly loved him.

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