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I Never Thought I Would End Up Seeing This Side Of An Arranged Marriage

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Arranged Marriages- A trend that doesn't go down well with the current generation too well (myself included). I never thought mine would be an arranged marriage, not that I fantasized a tall, dark and handsome hunk falling madly in love with me, but considering that love these days happens more frequently than flu, I thought I would eventually end up with a love marriage (it's my family's trend, actually). Fortunately or unfortunately, as expected, the love didn't last long; and then began the search for a groom.

I wouldn't blame my parents for the pressure because even my personal opinion was that I should marry and explore a brand new side of life. I met many guys and the same old, regular process happened, and finally, the search ended on this one guy who is now my husband. My criteria were clear- I just wanted a guy who was as easy going as my friends and someone with whom I could be comfortable even if I didn't talk.

Eventually, we got married and the two of us moved to the city where he worked, and I got my job transfer too. I had only spent a little time with my new family, but not too much. Even though it's too early to say, I feel as if arranged marriages are great, actually, especially when you choose the right guy. Don't be lured by the 'packages' though, not even the good looks. It's the comfort level you share that matters the most.

My husband is the best I could ask for, although many people think that he only wants me to cook and take care of the house. What they don't know is that it's not what he wants me to do, rather it's my own choice that I make about our marriage.

I am a working girl earning almost as much as him, and I proudly say I have no qualms in taking care of my home or cooking. It's not a responsibility forced upon me but my willingness to do so. What people don't know is that my husband shares my responsibilities too. If I cook dinner, he prepares the breakfast. If I am dusting the house, he does the laundry. If I am making the bed, he is making coffee. Not that we can't hire help, but these little things help us grow together which is very important in an arranged marriage.

We do the little things together. He doesn't expect too much from me and has been the strongest support I have, and the same goes for me too. I ensure I am speaking to our families regularly even if he is not able to because one of us has to take care of the relationships outside ours. If he is putting an effort into maintaining this relationship, then I have no issues in putting efforts to maintain the other relationships which are important to us.

Marriage, nowadays, isn't a scare because you have easy ways to escape but if you choose wisely and if you have a supportive partner, you wouldn't need an escape.

Lastly, I would want to say that it's not necessary to marry. Marry only when you find the right guy and you wish to take the plunge. Till then, just deal with this society and your parents but don't give in. I would never advise anyone to marry just because of a certain age or the pressure of friends getting hitched. It should only happen when you wish to and you find the right match, and that means finding the right family, not just the right person.

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