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I Know She Is The One For Me. So I Am Waiting For Her With Hope In My Heart.

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I still remember the day I first met her. The minute I saw her I realized that she was the one for me.

She was 10 years old and I was 15 when I first proposed to her. Both of us lived in a small town in Delhi. We studied in the same school and had a lot in common. I had already committed myself to her when I proposed to her.

I knew she was too young to know anything about love. I was aware that I would have to teach her about love from scratch.

But I was wrong. She was very happy to hear that I loved her. In fact, she made me say that to her twice. I was shivering when I said, "I love you" to her. But she was bold enough to make fun of me.

That day was very special for me because everything felt like a dream to me. Somehow I couldn’t believe it. I was wondering if all this was really happening to me.

We lived in a small town so everyone knew who we were. So we couldn’t keep in touch or meet every day. But whenever we met we shared a smile. I just wanted to see her smile. After a few years, I moved to Lucknow for my higher studies. Sometimes I would go to Delhi just to see her once. I would then go back happily after seeing her smile at me. Her smile really gave me a heavenly feeling.

She just had to smile once and I would forget everything.

But after a few months, I got to know that she was in love with someone else. I was in touch with a few of her friends too. And when they told me about this I was very disappointed. I checked out things again but I came to know that what they were saying was true. I spoke to the guy with whom she was going out. He too told me the same thing. I realized that I had lost everything and at that time. I didn’t know what to do. So I just moved on with my life.

There was no point waiting for her after she had opted out of my life.

So I did not go back to Delhi again. I completed my degree and started working in Lucknow itself.

She then came to Lucknow to pursue her higher studies after 7 years. I thought that our story had ended 7 years ago and we would never get back together again. But then I got to know that she had broken up with him a year ago. She was now trying to reach me and one fine day just called me out of the blue.

I knew all that had happened in her life after she moved out of my life. But I ignored it. I did not want to ask her about her past or about the things that had happened in her life during my absence. I haven’t asked her about it so far.

We spoke to each other for 10 days and she was comfortable talking to me. She did not mention whatever had happened in her past. But she looked happy now.

I told her that I still felt the same way about her. She was waiting to hear this from me. She said that she too loved me.

Both of us were totally free now because her parents still lived in Delhi. We created our own world and dedicated ourselves to each other. We talked to each other for hours together. Instead of eating and sleeping on time I would talk to her for hours.

I shared all my tiny secrets with her. My parents too were very fond of her and she loved them.

Time passed in this manner. I became more serious about my life and about our future. Once we had a fight because she was partying with her friends and ended up getting drunk. I asked her not to drink outside in a bar or a pub. I asked her to drink at her place. I just wanted her to be safe. She did understand what I was telling her but was not totally convinced about it. This went on for a while.

A year later I got transferred to Delhi. I thought this was the best time to set a foundation for our life together. She too supported me. She agreed to return to Delhi after a year and said that we would both be together after that.

But we started facing problems due to the distance between us. She said she had some personal problem and that is why she was always disturbed by it. I tried my best to convince her of it.

I tried to make her understand that life would not always be the same but everything would always be alright again. Maybe she got irritated when I told her this. But she did not want to share her problem with me or with anyone else too.

She slowly stopped talking to me. She then lost interest in me and finally said that she no longer loved me. She bid me goodbye and then blocked me so that I could not reach her. I tried reaching her through her friends. But none of them knows the reason for her decision. It's been a year now. I am still waiting for her to text me.

Every day I wake up with the hope that she will call me today. But when I don’t get her call I convince myself that she will call me tomorrow. I loved her. I always will and she too knows this.

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