I Had To Choose Between My Daughter And The Man I Loved

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 22 August, 2017

A perfect example of a happy family- a loving husband, a caring wife, and a beautiful daughter. Yes, we had a family which was an example for others. People who didn’t believe in arranged marriages saw our family and started believing in it.

I am the kind of person who knows how to be happy in any situation. I also know how to make others happy. When I had an arranged marriage, everyone around me was shocked because I always believed in love. Life moved on and I had a daughter, I was busy with my life.

It was around this time that I met my first true love and it was a dream come true. I had no reason to fall in love with someone else, I was happy and I had everything a girl could dream of, but I felt butterflies in my stomach.

Love comes in your life at the most unexpected time. I was in love with someone who was not my husband but I truly believe love happens once in a lifetime and I accepted my love for him.

We were great for each other; best friends, companions, soulmates.

Unfortunately, everything has an end. My husband got to know about my love and he broke down. It's hurtful for me to see him in so much pain even today. I like him a lot as a husband and as a father, but I could never love him as a lover. He was unable to accept the truth.

I wanted to leave him but I did not want our daughter to suffer because of me. I had three choices: take a divorce and start afresh with my love, stay in this marriage and try to make it work, and third, leave everything and live alone. I chose number 2.

It was a painful decision for me but I couldn’t have lived with the guilt of making my daughter suffer.

My love is 8 years younger to me; he still has a long life to live. He can find someone else maybe.

Love is a beautiful feelings; it cures you. I can never forgive myself for breaking his heart. He is all alone. I don’t know how both of us will live without each other for the rest of our lives. He will always be my first and a last love.

Editor's Note:

Often, the only thing wrong with love is that it hurts. Share this story, because love can be found again.