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I Grew Up Loving Him And Now He Is Barely There As My Boyfriend

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Like many of you, my story is a little different. I fell in love at the age of 10. Yes, you may be wondering, at that tender age how could I fall in love? Probably it started with a small crush which eventually developed into love over a period of time. But the strange part was that it was always a one-sided thing. He knew everything about me, also what I felt for him. But he did not love me nor trust me, and I did not force him to be with me because I knew that you can't force someone to love you.

I waited for him for 10 years and in that long phase, there were times when we were together, but it was all quite immature and I never got sincerity from his side.

So finally, things changed last year. I was in the 2nd year of college and we started talking casually again, but this time, we were mature enough to handle a relationship. One thing I feared the most was the uncertainty of our future. We never had a future and we knew it, but still, I was ready to take it a step ahead because I really wanted things to work between us, so we got together when he told me that he was ready to talk to his parents about us. That was the biggest commitment he could have given me and I could not have asked for more. All I ever wanted was to be with him and it finally happened, things were going perfectly well between us. We had our first kiss and it was very special for me. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him but then things changed. He changed, his behaviour, his attitude, everything bothered me. After our first kiss, whenever we met, and I tried kissing him, I could see and feel that he wasn't comfortable with me and it really made me furious to think what happened suddenly.

After waiting for him all these years, I didn’t have it in me to be patient or understanding anymore. The number of fights started increasing and one day he left me all broken.

After 5 whole months, he came back but all I wanted to ask was, why? The truth he confessed, shook me. He loved someone else and he would talk to me only to make her feel jealous. I was shattered and couldn’t believe he could do something like this. I began to despise him but a part of me still loved him. He came back in my life, promising me that he had changed, he now really loved me, and won't break my trust only to break me again. But now the main reason behind our fights is his work.

He can't keep his promises and I can't trust anyone now.

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