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I Gave Birth To His Son And Now He Doesn't Care Because I'm Not 'Well Maintained'

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I'm a 24-year-old married girl belonging to 'Shiv ki Nagri' (what people call my city). I fell in love with my classmate when I was 14 years of age.

He was very lively by nature which made me fall for him, and soon we got into a relationship. Everything was going well with us until one day when one of our mutual friends told me that he has cheated on me with his girlfriend. I asked him proof which he gave but I still was not able to believe that the person with whom I was for the past 5 years slept with his friend's girlfriend.

I confronted him the same day and yes, he accepted and started crying and asking for forgiveness. Blinded by his love, I forgave him. He promised me that he won't cheat on me again.

After 6 months that same guy who previously told me about his cheating called me and told that he has was in a relationship with a girl 2 years ago. Again I confronted him and after some time, he accepted and said that it was 2 years before, at a time when he was not serious about me. But he proclaimed his love and loyalty to me as I was the only girl for him now.

3 years after this incident we got married. I married him without my parents' permission because my parents didn't approve of him. They said he is not a suitable match for me and he won't keep me happy after getting married.

So, they fixed my marriage with someone else. I was trying to convince my parents for some 2 years and they agreed and said that he too should talk to his parents about us and he did so twice. But his parents didn't agree, so he told me to move on and marry the guy my parents have chosen and I did the same.
My marriage got fixed soon and preparations were going on when one fine day he told me to elope with him. I denied at first and he started blackmailing me emotionally that he will die if I don't marry him.

After some time, I gave in and we got married secretly. Then we eloped. Time passed and our parents accepted us and things were going well.

I came to know about his Casanova image after our marriage and he himself told me about a lot about his girlfriends. I was hurt but couldn't do or say anything because I thought it was all in the past and that he will not do it post our marriage but I was wrong.

I have caught him red-handed 2 times, he apologised and I forgave like before and moved on. Apart from cheating, he was a caring, supporting and a good hubby who was always by my side through thick and thin.

After 2years of our marriage, I gave birth to my son and things were good between us until my delivery. The moment I came out of operation theatre, I saw that he was extremely happy but I felt something has changed in him. I ignored it.

It's been 8 months post my delivery and things have totally changed between us. He doesn't love me anymore, he doesn't care if I'm upset or crying, he doesn't listen to my problems nor understands like he used to.

He says I'm not well-maintained and I don't look good post delivery. Today, our relationship has reached a stage where I'm not able to convey what and how I feel about him. We sleep in the same bed without any conversation.

Now he flirts openly on social networking sites knowing that I too have his passwords. When I go out with him he looks at every girl who passes by, he talks very politely and being very caring to his social networking site's female friends, and he can talk to them the whole day but he doesn't have even 10 minutes to listen to me.

He has his friends and work in priority and I come last in his life. He is a very good and caring father but where is my husband who used to love me adore me?

I'm so alone and going into a depression. I'm living with him only for my child, otherwise, I would have filed for divorce or committed suicide because it is very hard to die every day.

I want to convey to all the people out there: please never trust a cheater. Once a cheater, always a cheater. I don't want anyone to suffer the way I'm suffering. And marry the one who loves, you not the one whom you love.

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