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I'd Like To Believe Fate Brought Us Together...

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Being an introvert, I always preferred building my world around a single person who would mean everything to me.
After a series of failed relationships, I finally found someone I could connect with and so began a long journey of togetherness lasting over 6 years.
Our families knew the engagement was set; marriage talks were happening when suddenly everything fell apart, and with it, my entire world. I couldn't eat or sleep.
I locked myself in a room for months, wondering why my dreams had suddenly broken after all these years.

After over a year of surviving and battling depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and other issues, I acquired a job that got me out of the home and gave my life a new purpose. I was content; my mind was occupied, but loneliness crept in at night as I lay in bed, trying to sleep.
Soon after I started my job, I met a guy on the train who claimed to have fallen in love with me, and we connected on social media. We bonded quickly since we were both travel junkies. Talking day and night, debating topics, and fantasising about travel, gradually, the bond became stronger, and I began to fall for him. After a few months, we eventually committed.

My loneliness led me into the arms of a stranger I didn't even know, but our relationship ended within days. Depression hit back stronger, and I began to lose all hope of being in a happy, healthy relationship.
I believed that being alone was better than bumping into the wrong person every time. I began living my life by enjoying and doing things that brought me joy. This time, I filled the void in my heart with no human emotions, but with the love I have for my hobbies, and thus, I found mental peace.
A few months later, I received an unexpected message from a senior at my school whom I had last seen 11 years before. I ignored his message initially but then went back again and replied, and we began chatting.

We are quite happy together right now; we understand, love, and respect one another. I have started dreaming of a future with him, and so has he.
I don't know what the future has in store for us, but if there is someone up there watching over all of us, I would pray to him not to tear us apart because years from now, I want to tell my grandchildren that meeting their grandfather after 11 long years was not a coincidence; it was a miracle, the beginning of a fairytale.

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