How Will He Keep Any Promise If He Can't Even Convince His Parents?

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 20 June, 2018

After I finished studying I started my career in an MNC. That is when I first met this guy. He had joined the organization a few months earlier than me. We started communicating with each other on social media. We would share information and discuss our professional life with each other. Slowly over a period of time, our bond started growing stronger.

Initially, we were just very good friends. But after a while, we got into a relationship.

I was then posted to a different city and he had to move to Sydney.

Well, he was decent enough to try and end our relationship on a soft note.

He didn’t want to prolong our relationship because he was not sure about how things would work out for him in the future.

But love makes us do strange things, doesn't it?

He missed my presence in his life and so wanted to keep in touch with me again. I had never stopped loving him and I loved him, even more, when he said he missed me now.

Love connects souls and the distance between the people does not really matter. Despite the distance that separated us we felt very close to each other. We continued to share a very strong relationship.

After a while, I too got a chance to go abroad for a short while. By now we knew that we shared something special. I knew I was falling deeply in love with him and whenever we discussed our marriage I would feel very happy.

Things did take a different turn in real life but at that time I believed him completely when he said he wanted to marry me. I thought that he would stand by his words.

I completed my work assignment and returned to my place. We decided to talk to our parents when he too returned from Sydney. When I shared the news with my family they readily agreed to it. I loved the way he spoke to my parents. He stood by me when he explained things to my parents. But unfortunately, his dad fell ill when he wanted to discuss things with him.

I kept waiting for him to discuss our marriage with his parents but that day never came.

Soon enough it was time for him to return to Sydney. Every time I brought up this topic, he would somehow convince me that he would discuss it with his family soon. I couldn’t wait any longer and that is when the real picture came out. His parents didn’t agree to our match because we belonged to different communities.

Suddenly he stopped caring about all the promises that he had made to me. There was no conviction in his words now. Everything just faded away so very easily.

We decided to part ways. We had shared 5 years of pure innocent love and all our love was now lost in the depth of our silence. I was completely devastated when all this happened.

Author's Note:

Why do we fall in love with a person when we lack the courage to stand by our love and our words? Why the hell do people find it so difficult to discuss their love with their parents? Why do people change when situations change? Why do they go back on their promises and words when the going becomes tough?

Editor's Note:

Often love blinds us to the reality. Love also blinds us to our own flaws and the flaws of our loved ones. But love also transforms us and makes us more sensitive. Let’s learn to accept the fact that we are all flawed in our own way. Maybe this will help us forgive others more easily. Let’s share this young woman’s story and learn to let go of love without nurturing any bitterness in our hearts.