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He Called Our 21-Month Relationship A Mere Hook-Up…Is This Justified?

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I met this guy on a dating app in the middle of 2017. At first, I just wanted to find someone to spend time with. But destiny had some other plans.

This guy seemed interesting, and as we started talking, I made it clear that I was looking for a companion and not interested in anything physical. However, he was using the app to find someone to hookup with…

I, being an emotional fool and having had the worst relationship in the past, gave in to his demand, saying, “Okay, we will be together until marriage”.

So it started, and we went to several hotels where he abused me mentally and physically. He was fulfilling his desires while I was getting emotionally attached to him.

After a year and a half, he wanted to get rid of me. When I visited his mom using the address from his driver's licence, he made it clear he wasn't interested in marrying me. He humiliated me in front of his mom and someone named Sonia, who claimed she was a lawyer.

So we stopped talking. In October, my father suddenly passed away, and I called him, to which he sent a condolence email.
Later, we started talking again, for reasons unknown. He had me do our usual things at his home. At that time, the search for his rishta was on, which he never told me.

He continued meeting me and even asked for a favour on December 24, 2018, but I declined. I later found out he was already engaged.

We continued meeting during his courtship, which I didn't know. He was too shrewd...He revealed the truth to me after getting married on March 7 when he came to meet me. He said I was just a casual hookup for him.

Can anyone tell me if it's justified to call a 21-month relationship just a hookup?

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