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Dear Woman, Don’t Give Up On Love Because Of Him

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*For representational purpose only.

My beautiful woman,

Just Let Him Go! I am talking to you. The one who is broken, hurting and shying away from facing herself in the mirror. The one who has lost pieces of her heart and feels empty. I know about everything, you don’t need to tell me.

I know about the insecurities, the tears, the demons, which visit you and refuse to leave.

I know that you miss him. I know how you wake up every morning, hoping for a miracle. How you refresh your inbox hoping there is one message from him.

I know how every minute of the day, you think about him, the way he smells, his hair, his eyes. I know he is attractive. I know he is lovable. I know that you loved him.

You met him when the last string of your heart had given up on the song of love.

When you locked your heart, convincing it that love wasn’t meant for you. When you decided to not let anyone in. When your heart had reached the threshold of pain. When it had been played with, hurt, cheated on and you’d finally chosen silence. That’s when he came. He came like a ray of hope.

Your petrified heart was more petrified than ever. But then he held your hand.

His eyes awakened a different kind of you. You started loving yourself more. You smiled when you looked in the mirror. You had a glow. You had an aura. More than anything, you had love in your eyes.

But when he left, why did you let your soul leave with him?

Why did you let him take away your self-respect? Where did the smile vanish? Why did you let yourself get crushed by the grief? Where did the strong girl go? Where did her ambitions disappear?

And why did you give up on love when that was the thing that made you special.

I know how you feel. I repeat. I know how you feel. I know how every conversation, every interaction you have every day just doesn’t involve you. You smile just because they are all laughing.

Deep down I know how your heart winces knowing that he is gone and is never coming back.

But let me remind you of the things you forgot. About the things you know but refuse to believe.

You are special; you are lovable. Just like he made your life beautiful, you make others lives beautiful. You are a dreamer. You dared to love people with every ounce of your soul, making yourself vulnerable to hurt. That’s how you love people. You give it your all. And that’s the purest form of love I know.

Stop feeling ashamed of having fallen in love. Stop feeling ashamed of rejection.

Don’t walk with the guilt that you should have tried. Don’t live with the regret that you made mistakes and that’s why he left. You loved him with your body, mind and soul. There is nothing in the world you wouldn’t have done to make him smile. You gave it your all. You gave everything you had.

If that doesn’t bring him back, nothing will.

Today will be the last day you will let your wings get weighed down by your insecurities. Free yourself - from the guilt, from the grief, from the expectations. Stop believing that you were beautiful because he loved you.

Stop believing that your world was beautiful because he was there. Your world is beautiful because of you.

Because of the love you possess, the smile you carry and the dreams you paint. He was a beautiful chapter, but it has ended now. But I want you to remember that it is only the chapter that has ended.

The beautiful book called life still lies ahead of you, waiting to be written.

I want you to wake up. Look into the mirror. And Smile. There will be love. There will be dreams.

And in the broken glass of perfection, I want you to find the lost you. And you will.

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