Dancing Past Internet Trolls And Into Liberation Has Been The Best Decision Of My Life.

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In a saree, gym wear, casuals, or beautiful summer dresses, I pour my heart out and dance. Dancing has given me immense joy, an ethereal sense of freedom that transcends societal norms.

Yet, some believe I should focus solely on being a good mother to my children or that a woman in a saree should exude only grace and poise, not be caught shuffling in her sneakers.

But I've come to realise that their loud opinions do not define me, so I dance on my own terms, unshackled by their expectations.

Being a mother of two children and simultaneously venturing into the realm of content creation was a formidable challenge.

Striking a balance between my responsibilities as a mom, household chores, and my newfound passion for dance seemed like an uphill climb.

Teaching, recording videos, planning content, editing, and engaging with my audience left me feeling scattered and overwhelmed. Yet, amidst the messiness, I persevered and gradually found my footing. I became adept at juggling it all with time and practice, like a graceful dance.

As my presence on social media grew, so did the number of trolls seeking to dim the light of my passion. It bemused me to witness people who knew nothing beyond my name having so much to say about how I should live my life.

Nevertheless, I remained bold and unfazed, knowing that their judgments couldn't shroud the spark within me. I chose to live life on my terms and, in doing so, found a strength that couldn't be overshadowed by external negativity.

My journey with Shuffle with Akanksha continued to flourish.

Throughout this whirlwind adventure, my children became my most ardent supporters, weaving their love into each dance step.

There's something enchanting about dancing with my daughter while my son captures those precious moments on camera. In dance, we bond, laugh, and create memories that will be cherished forever.

Dance holds a magical power over me; it becomes a sanctuary where problems fade away and age is reduced to a mere number. I was no expert at shuffling when I first set out, but the beauty of persistence, discipline, and practice is that they can lead you to extraordinary places.

I am living proof that you can achieve anything you set your heart and mind to, regardless of age or past failures.

So, if dance isn't your calling, fear not. You have the power to be anything you desire, unburdened by the weight of age or past mistakes.

The key is to embrace your passion wholeheartedly and take that first step, for within it lies the start of a remarkable journey.

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