This Is Our Story: From Dance Partners To Life Partners

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Both Josinho and I were dancers. I used to dance in his troupe. I did not know he was the group's main leader at the time. I had joined his troupe, but he was in Bombay, doing his course and dancing with and such things.
I met him for the first time when he came down to Goa for his dancing shows in 2011
we began chatting - not knowing that he was the troupe head.
As I did three or four shows, I discovered that he is the troupe's owner, and we soon became friends. We danced together for almost six years before I married him!
So in 2011, we got together as dance partners, and in 2017 we became life partners
And now we are mom and dad as well! 
My husband and I were married in an interfaith relationship; he is a Catholic, and I am a Muslim, yet despite our different religions, we had no issues. Both of our parents were very accepting of us. Our families agreed immediately since we had been going out for some time. They knew how close we were, how together we were because we had been through so much together.
In the year I joined his troupe, it was already about 12 years old, but he left it after three years to set up his troupe. He had to start everything from scratch, create a new group, recruit all the dancers again, and so on. As a result, I had seen both sides of the struggle and was there for him, just like he was there for me when I decided to stop dancing and become an Emcee.
When we both started something new, we stood like rocks by each other

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