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The Moment I Saw Him, I Knew He Was The One, I Hope He Realises This Soon Too...

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I am a very happy-go-lucky girl. I always love living my life on my own terms. I always chose to walk away from anything that didn't make me happy in any way. I have lots of friends. I just believe in magic, and quite a few times people were surprised by my undying hope for just about anything I love and believe in. 

I am known to be one of the most positive people around. Previously, I had a heartbreak when my ex-boyfriend cheated on me. Well, that's a story that ended seven years ago. It took me a very long time to get over it. I wanted to have a fairytale love story. I wanted to love someone and be loved in the purest way possible. 

That heartbreak, though it took me some time, never broke my hope. 

I still believed I would have someone who would love me like I had wanted to be loved. I wasn't in a hurry. I wanted everything to take its time. I had stepped into an important phase of my life; 

I had achieved my dream of becoming an advocate. I was where I belonged. I joined my office two years ago. I made friends, and things seemed to be really good on the career front as I got placed in one of the top law firms. I didn't understand, despite all of this, why I was feeling like I was missing something important. It was weird. I cried for no reason. I didn't understand what was happening. I wanted to even quit, but my mom told me to just wait and figure out if that's where I can grow career-wise. I agreed. I knew it was not my career that was affecting me. 

That place made me feel like I was missing something each day. I would lie to my friends there and have lunch alone outside every day just to understand what was happening and hoping to have someone I could just have food with and feel better every day. I only prayed to have that one person in any form: a friend, love or just anything, but never to eat food alone. 

For the kind of person I was, I couldn't bear the thought of losing a day feeling this way. Suddenly, after two months, on January 11th morning, I decided to let go of all these and start off again. That day, I was early to work. I had important matters coming in court that day, and I was working on them. 

Just then, I saw him (Akash) entering and walking towards me with Arun sir (who was in charge of introducing newbies to everyone). No one was yet in the office that day. Akash and I were introduced to each other.

I had a strange feeling that he was definitely not just someone. I love that name. I knew he was going to be someone important, but I ignored it. 

I came back to the office after work, and I saw the whole workstation empty. Everyone was out for lunch except for Akash. His place was in front of mine. He was put on my team too. I just went up to him and asked him why he wasn't going for lunch. He said he was new to Bengaluru and didn't know places, and he looked quite clueless about what to do too. 

I asked him to come along so that I could show him a place to eat. We went, and slowly, the 2nd or 3rd day, we started having lunch together. Gradually, we started spending the entire day in the office together, just the two of us. 

We had all three meals together and never ate without each other. Everyone sensed something was brewing between us, and we were clueless about it. I knew everything about him—good, bad, and worst—he had told me everything. I knew he had a very bad past too. I was in love by now and realised it too. I couldn't hide from him. I confessed. I knew his answer. He just told me he wasn't ready. I didn't expect him to be either. I gave him his space. Even after that, we were the same two people doing crazy stuff together and spending the whole day together. We are still the same. 

After a year and a half, I planned to leave that office just for my growth. Coincidentally, he decided to leave too. We left together. We still bump into each other in court most of the time. In recent times, a lot of things have changed, but not in between us. I know that despite all odds, he still cares a lot for me. Every single person tells me he loves me. Except for him openly saying it. 

His only fear is himself. He says I'm too good for him. I say he's the best for me. 

We both are doing this because we love each other and care a lot. I don't know what to tell him. I need him to come to me with his own will. I have realised at this point in life that marriage is on the cards soon. It's important for both to realise what we are meant to be.

I have that undying hope that he will realise it too. Just like everyone (mutual friends) saying that he loves me, he will say it too. I'm waiting for that. I really love you, Akash. Just one thing, y'all: if you love someone, just believe in it. Everything around you guys will get you together. I believe in magic and always will. 

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