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I'm A Living Proof That Accepting Yourself Can Change Your Life…

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In my life, I've faced tough times, but I've also discovered strength and happiness by accepting who I am. It wasn't always easy, but over time, I've learned to accept myself just the way I am. Sharing my truth with my family, especially my mom, was a significant phase for me. Coming out as a gay man wasn't just about understanding myself; it was also about seeking acceptance from those I care about.  

It took me ten years before I mustered the courage to utter those two words to my mother: "I'm gay." 

My father found it the other way; he walked in on me when I was having sex with someone of the same sex, and I was wearing women's clothes. It was a weird mix of funny and scary. But even though it was awkward, my parents surprised me by accepting me just the way I am. Their love for me was stronger than what society thought was normal.

Even though social media makes it look very fancy and easy, the journey to self-acceptance wasn't all that. 

Growing up, I often felt like I didn't belong anywhere. Society imposed its standards on me, and I endured bullying and discrimination because of who I am. The school was also tough to endure. Figuring out who I am was a struggle too. But I didn't give up. Even when things got tough, I kept fighting to be accepted in a world that didn't always understand me. 

Beyond the personal level, my journey unfolded into the realm of career choices. Modelling became more than just a job for me. It became a way for me to express myself and feel empowered. The fashion world drew me in, inviting me to accept who I am and show that beauty can be whatever I want it to be. It wasn't just about walking down runways; it was about taking control of my story and being the boss of my world. 

My name, "Starboy," shows what I want to become. 

It came from my dreams and represents my wish to rise above where I started and become someone important in my community. 

Even online, where people could be mean without showing their faces, I found something surprising: strength. The negative comments made me want to prove them wrong even more. Their mean words just made me shine brighter and be even more myself.

In the middle of the fancy fashion world, I found something important: the "Shree Hari Raj Foundation." I started it because I wanted to help others who have been through tough times like me. It's all about spreading love, making people happy, and showing empathy because I know what it's like to struggle. 

Balancing my modelling career, my charity work, my Instagram, Onlyfans, and YouTube channel was like trying to juggle several balls at once. It was a big challenge, but I was up for it. I enjoyed pushing myself and proving that I could do more than what people thought I could.

Looking ahead, my goals are simple but important to me. I want to keep getting better as a person, enjoying every moment of life, and leaving this world feeling like I made a positive difference. It's about finding happiness and fulfilment in everything I do.

At the end of my journey, I'm proof that accepting yourself, being strong, and never giving up can change your life. I'm Starboy, shining bright in a world that sometimes feels dark. And as I go through life, I'm proud to be myself, without apology.

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