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I was drawn to stand-up comedy after watching George Carlin on YouTube and then discovered a whole new world of stand-up comedians who had been doing it their entire lives.
I searched up pages and articles on various stand-up comedians when I was working at a company, and the more I read or discovered about them, the more intrigued I became. And that was it when I discovered George Carlin! I don't recall anyone influencing me more in any particular direction. Before becoming a full-time stand-up comedian, I worked in tech support, did copywriting in an ad agency, and worked in the theatre. Though I've worked in theatre, I wouldn't call myself an artist.

The reason for this is that I've worked as an artist at a theatre, even backstage and handling lighting for a few plays, and the dedication required to be in a play for over two months of rehearsal is enormous. I felt at ease on stage because there were other people there, and I have no clue what it's like to be on stage with others because as a comic, I am the only one on stage, but with other people, there's a sense of comfort and camaraderie between artists, and it's great to watch someone be in character and add life to a line by saying it with the proper emotions. The emotion is rather remarkable when it works.

So, before Comicstaan, I used to do stand-up every day of the week at open mics and shows, and I had been doing shows for 4 years at that point, but not many people knew I was doing comedy.
However, once Comicstaan came out, many people found out, and now I have people coming to my shows in Bangalore, Bombay, Delhi, Hyderabad, and many other cities, and it's an incredible feeling to know that people know about me and co. That is something I appreciate about Comicstaan.
When you know there's a crowd waiting for you to tell jokes and do your performance, it feels great.
But there's a catch: the difficult part is being comfortable and having the self-confidence to perform your set. It does take a long time, and I recall being anxious at first. Even if your jokes don't go over well, you chat to the audience, share what's on your mind, and then try to regain their attention.

My favourite comedian is George Carlin, although the list is rather long as more people are included. I'm not sure if I can communicate it to other people, but stepping up on a stage and performing is hugely satisfying, and I want to continue doing it as much as possible. I am grateful and appreciate it now that I get to do it so frequently.

It also signifies that I don't have a "job," a boss, or a set of tasks. I am my boss.
And I can go out and be a normal person, then get up on stage, tell jokes, and then go back to being a normal person. That essentially entails playing Fifa, drinking chai, and keeping the house nice and clean. My experience has taught me that the more you attempt to think of ways to explain something, the harder it becomes; instead, focus on what you want to say or do, and you will get there faster!

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