We Moved To Australia After Our Marriage Where He Made My Life Hell

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 7 October, 2017


I grew up like a princess in the city of joy, Kolkata. Being the only child as well as the only grand daughter, I grew up in a very pampered environment. I had no idea what problems meant. I was always a good daughter. Never went out with friends late at night nor did I have a boyfriend. Life wasn’t boring. I used to eat out at fancy restaurants and go shopping. I spent a lot of time with my mom, she was like a friend to me.

However, life changed soon after I finished my post graduation and got married at the age of 23. It was an arranged marriage from a matrimonial site. The family was from the same city as mine but the guy was living and working in Dubai as a chef. Initially my family was not too interested in this alliance as the groom was living overseas and being the only child they didn't want me to go so far away.

But the groom's family came to our place thrice to convince us. They seemed nice and simple and down to earth and convinced us that they will keep me happy and then finally my father said yes.

Being the only child my father made sure he didn’t give a small chance for my in-laws to complain.

Just 3 weeks before our marriage, I came to know that my would be husband had applied for a 457 work visa as a chef in Australia that got approved and now I had to get my spouse visa done. Five days after our wedding, we were in Australia.

I met him just thrice before our marriage. After our reception, he was super rude and humiliated me in front of guests. I was in tears. For the first time I started hiding things from my parents. Before flying out to Australia, he did the same thing again and I refused to go anywhere with him. It was his father who convinced me to go with him.


Within 5 weeks of getting there I got a job at this convenience store. He was addicted to money. He wanted me to work long hours and take up a night shift as well. He did not care if I was working till midnight.

He would taunt me about money and eventually started hitting me. He took my passport so that I couldn’t open a different bank account. Things only got worse from there.

After going through his torture for 3 months, I finally got two jobs. One at the restaurant and other at the convenience store. I worked all day and night. I became a robot.

I wanted to come out of the so called marriage but the conservative society wouldn’t let me live in peace after that. All my dreams were shattered at the age of 23. I told my parents about everything. They didn’t force me to continue, they told me to come back but my passport was with him.

My family talked to his family. His father called and tried to console me. When he came to know that I told my family and my family contacted his family he became more violent. I called his father immediately and told him what he was doing to me at that moment and if it continues then I will have to call the police. Instead of telling his son what is right or wrong, his father said angrily - don't you dare called the police bitch! I was shocked.


The next day, the police came to our house. I was shocked. He had made a complaint against me that I hit him and mentally torture him. He had taken the matter to court.

I called me workplace because they knew everything about my personal life. They asked me to meet them. Before leaving the house I only carried my God’s idol with me.

Within no time he reached my workplace too, my boss called the police and got him arrested for domestic violence.

Finally, I got my passport back. Meanwhile, his family started harassing my family back in India and I was forced to take my case back.

I got a student visa, paid my bills, filed my divorce and finally to legally escape him after one year.

I did find love again, at the age of 27. He was from Amritsar but lived in Australia. He is very loving and caring and whatever happened in my past only made me stronger.