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This Is Why My Mom Was Never Treated Like A Daughter By Her Mother-In-Law

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*For representational purpose only.

My mom has been married for 25 years and was 19 when she got married. I am 23 and I still feel like she was a child then. Everybody makes mistakes when you don’t know how the people around you are going to react; my mom made mistakes too.

By mistakes I mean, the tea was served a little later than expected, she didn’t smile enough around relatives, in fact, her introvert nature was also treated as a mistake.

I forget to mention, my family is extremely well off. My grandmother would make an issue out of the pettiest things. She would constantly try to prove to my dad and grandfather that my mom is a “witch” and does absolutely nothing all day. She would lie down and manipulate and make a big deal out of nothing.

My mom is an extremely intelligent and talented person but due to my grandmother's continuous complaining, she had a horrible married life that included domestic violence. My mom tolerated everything because she had kids to look after.

My dad’s sister on the other hand has a special place in the house even though she is a horrible person; she only knows how to flaunt things. She had been married for quite some time now but continues to interfere in my mom's life till date. My mom is treated like a puppet and whatever her sister-in-law demands must be fulfilled.

I don’t understand what pleasure she gets making my mom’s life hell? Why are daughters-in-law treated like s***? Even their opinion doesn’t matter. Why can’t daughters-in-law be treated like daughters?

We should all remember that they are human beings too. Honestly, it is ridiculous to see such behavior in a well off family like mine, I wonder what happens in other families.

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