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Single In Your 20s? Here Are 7 Reasons Why You're Lucky...

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Here’s how life would look if you were a woman and single in your 20s.

You may prefer flying solo, but it has never been more tiring. Now, getting into a relationship is neither a race nor an accomplishment.

So here are seven reasons why you should brighten up and celebrate your life in your 20s regardless of whether you're single…

1. Single people have their own freedom.

You're basically writing a novel that is your life, and you can create any damn plot line you want. You will be allowed to accomplish anything you wish. There will be no "dos" and "don'ts". You won't feel like a robot that would consistently follow what their lord would inquire about. You will be held accountable only for your actions.

2. You will learn to stand on your own feet.

You can be progressively independent. You will not rely on anyone for everything. You'll figure out how to stand on your own two feet. In addition, you are still youthful, and there are things that you will learn about life. You have the opportunity to spend energy figuring out who you truly are rather than focusing on why your partner is peculiar right now.

3. There will be less feeling of anguish and headaches.

At this point (when you’ve been single for a while), you won't manage any great amount of dramatisation in your life. There will be no feelings of despair, no genuine battles and no pressure – simply your own life and your own issues. You won't ‘stalk’ somebody via social networking and get jumpy about what the individual has posted. Instead of devoting all of your energy to making a relationship work and making sense of another person's immensely complex mind, you have the option to focus your efforts on determining what you truly require.

4. You can save more money; trust me on this!

We all know that dating costs money, especially with young men, and it's a fact of life. As a result, if you are single, you will save more money, keep away from obligations, and spend on things you need. I'm referring to everything from taking a late-weekend trip to deciding that I need pizza for dinner. There will be no "monthsaries", "anniversaries", or "gifts" to consider. You will have your pocket full all the time. 

5. You'll not owe someone a clarification.

You don't have to explain to anyone why you're late for bed or why you need to spend the entire night with your friends. You will not say sorry only to save your relationship. You are living a life when being single is one of the most advantageous things in the world. Your time and decisions are mostly your own. You can do anything you want when you want and wherever you want. You can work late, change jobs, or relocate to various locations whenever you wish. You can be that run-of-the-mill single young lady who loves pizza and Netflix on a Saturday night, and that is just OK.

6. You'll respect yourself more.

This isn't being egocentric; you should always prioritise yourself. You will be the skipper of your own boat, and as such, you will be responsible for your own life. The more "free" time you have, the deeper you delve inside yourself. You will have more opportunities to fabricate a better YOU. Couples do fight, which causes them to lose their core. When you're working or grinding away, you won't be worried about how to understand your love life squabbles and will most likely not be distracted. Being single can give you more opportunities to construct a more grounded friendship and better relationship with your family. In fact, spending time alone with oneself might help you learn the most crucial lessons in life. You learn to accept your body as it is and stop worrying about it all the time.

7. You'll have more chances to find someone better.

Another perk of being single is dating or getting to know anyone at any time. There will be more opportunities to meet someone you can serenely be with and who understands you better. You don't have to rush things; everything falls into place if you know how to halt. No one can tell what the following day may bring, whom you will meet or where you will go because the world is your oyster.

For you, anything is possible. Life is a big adventure. When you tell your kids about your twenties, you'll be able to tell them how much you lived and how prepared you were when you brought them into the world.

Yes, having someone who will make you feel special and loved is nice. But remember that you are the first person in charge to take care of yourself. Therefore, you must learn to love yourself first than anyone else.

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