Life As A Working Mother Is Amazing For A Reason: My Son

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To love, protect, shelter, and put someone else’s interests ahead of your own, is what Motherhood entails for me.

I became a mother 9 years ago in 2011. Initially, I was petrified, but, I was soon elated with a sense of fulfilment upon seeing my son. 

What has my heart is the connection and the bond which I share with my son, and a sense of telepathy, which makes me understand things without him having to say anything.

My favourite part of being a mom is knowing that I can always nurture a human and inculcate values within, and also, that he resembles me (*smiles*). The fact that he always gives me a big hug before I leave for work is the reason that keeps me content as his mom.

My life as a working mother looks amazing as long as I get to spend some really amazing times with my son.

As a mother, I am also to be his repository for hope and trust and that’s something I often take care of!

Truly, motherhood is indeed a huge responsibility, but also thrilling!

As a mother, I do believe in giving my son his space for him to learn and grow as a person. The entire process is a learning experience for me as well and I wouldn’t want to trade it for the world!

Seriously, bliss is watching your kid grow into a wonderful human being. As cliché as it might sound, but watching your child grow makes you relive your childhood and relish nostalgia at the same time!

Also, tough love is only an extension of my love and that’s needed to maintain a sense of discipline.

Not to mention that he takes on me as a friendly person who gets along with other kids so well. 

Might sound nasty, but being a mother gets you loads of gifts on mother’s day! (*laughs*)

Lastly, motherhood for me is a joyous ride, and I surely wouldn’t have liked it otherwise!

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