I'm 32 And I Will Get Married Only When I Want To Get Married

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 20 July, 2017

In our society we judge someone’s success based on his or her status. This status is different for men and women. For men the status is measured based on their bank balance, car, house and all the other materialistic stuff. Women's status is often measured based on her marital status.

You know if she is single, people think her life is screwed and she gets the unwanted sympathy. If she is married then it is measured based on her husband’s status. For married ladies, the first question is directed towards her husband’s job. Only then she is asked about herself.

In case, her husband is not working, the question gets turned into an unwanted worry. ‘Is he living off his wife’s money?’ My question is, what’s the issue if he's doing that? It’s their decision. They are happy with it. Who are we to say or comment on anything? For the single ladies, the society has royally set a cut off age to get married, that is, 29 or 30 years of age. She is treated as if her life is over. Wherever they go, they face this expression. “Oh! Poor lady she is 30 and now who will marry her?”, or “She must be having a boyfriend or might be boyfriends and that’s why she is not able to decide as to whom to get married to?” Or they are asked, “So you are never getting married, are you?”


Why is it so hard for people to understand that she is single because she doesn’t want to marry now. Maybe she has got other important things to do right now. Even I am fighting this issue. When I had my breakup last year I was scared thinking about my marriage as I was getting older. But my fear vanished when I made new friends from other countries. Once while having some conversation during an office party I shared this marriage cut-off age concept, which exists in our minds.

One of my friends said that she got married when she was in her late 30’s. She got married only when she felt like getting married.

After listening to her, I thought why can’t we accept the concept? Why do we have to rush and marry some stranger? Sometimes we don’t even get the time to know that person. Most importantly why do we lie about ourselves?

I am not ready to give up on my life and I am not afraid to be single any more. I am 32 and will marry only when I want to get married. Until then, let me live my happy life and let me dream.