I Was Clueless About Why He Was Doing This To Me

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 23 September, 2017

About 10 years back, my cousin, who also happened to be my best friend, shifted to Pune to pursue his studies. We didn’t have mobile phones, so we used to chat on Yahoo messenger. One day, I was waiting for him to come online. I ended up in the chat room to kill some time. I did not respond to any other messages because I was busy playing a game.

But a message from a boy caught my eyes and I replied back to him. We exchanged a few messages and logged off. I totally forgot about it.

After a few weeks, I bumped into the same guy again in the chat room. We got along very well and he insisted that I add him to my list of friends. I rarely came online and it was the same with him too because he worked in the Merchant Navy. He used to leave offline messages for me. We exchanged casual online and offline messages for about a year. Then I forgot the ID and lost contact with him. I searched for him on Orkut but couldn’t find him.

One day, I accidentally found him on Facebook. I sent him a friend request but he accepted it after almost 6- 7 months.

I had totally forgotten about him by this time. 4 years back he had given me his number. I had trusted him and so had shared my number with him. I had not done this immediately. I had given it a lot of  thought. We were getting along well. Since he was in the Merchant Navy, we could speak with each other only once or twice in a year. He didn’t contact me for a long time after this and even I got busy with my life. But he would call me on Christmas day, without fail. I was watching the movie ‘PK’ with my family when he called me. I was happy and surprised to see his call. After a while, he was back home, so now he called me every day.

Two years back, he started calling me, ‘my love’ after my birthday. I got carried away by his words.

He expressed his feelings to me. I believed him. Soon it was time for him to board the ship. He wanted to meet me before leaving but couldn’t. I promised to send him messages over Face book every day.

He would come online to chat with me and this made me feel that I was important to him.

Then he stopped coming online for almost 6 months. He did not call me during Christmas too. I was furious and lost all hope. On the 1st of January, I got a call from him after I attended church. My happiness knew no bounds.

We started talking everyday again. We made plans to meet. I was very excited. But all of a sudden, there were no calls from him again. I kept calling him.

After a week, he called and said he was suffering from dengue. We cancelled all our plans. The last time we spoke with each other was almost two years back. His phone was always switched off. I called him every day, but in vain.

I had just started moving on with my life when he called me after 6 months. All I could hear from him was, “Hello, I can’t hear you!” I started thinking about him again with the hope that he would call me. But that was the last time I spoke to him.

I missed him like hell with every passing day. I was clueless about why he was doing this to me.

About 6 months back, I did a random search for him on Face book. He had introduced himself using a particular name. I used that name. My world came crashing down when I got to know that he had actually used his father’s name to talk with me. Every detail that he had given me was fake. He had even used a fake profile. The mystery finally came to an end. I felt like sending him a message on his real Face book account but I couldn’t.

Author's Note:

Is this what you get for trusting people? I had never told him that I loved him. But I am sure that I cannot love anyone else ever again. I wanted to message him so that he realizes that I now know his true identity. Should I? I just wish he gets to read this story some day.

Editor's Note:

We all need to be wary about forging bonds over social media. Sometimes we unknowingly end up getting hurt. Let’s share this story because this young girl needs our support right now.