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I Quit My Corporate Job To Empower Women: It's The Best Decision I've Ever Made

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The passion and love for fashion were always there in my life, even when I was young. I loved going to local markets and just be mesmerised by the array of colour patterns and prints on display.

I always wanted to pursue something in the fashion space but never really got the time. I was only going after things that were dictated to me by others. I completed my degree in B.Tech, worked for two years.

But then I asked myself - Do I want to be in this corporate race for a lifetime? Should I start something of my own, something that I love doing?

Going back and forth with these thoughts, I took a leap of faith and decided to pursue my dream, if not for anything else- for a learning experience. The first and the biggest hurdle was zeroing down on one category in the clothing line. I went ahead with something that I have believed in, comfortable clothing in loungewear.

I love clothes that are relaxed and make you feel physically and psychologically comfortable because, in the end, you are beautiful as you are and others should not affect your peace of mind.

With the onset of the pandemic in the country, people are looking for comfortable clothing, something that they can even wear at their homes. For this reason, I birthed my apparel brand on breezy, free-flowing loungewear. Moreover, I believe in empowering women via my work and efforts.

I grew up in a conservative family where women are generally not allowed to work post marriage, and so, my first recruits were my mother and my elder sister. When I told them that this is something that I want to start and need their help with, the joy on their faces was priceless.

I have finally created something which I can call mine. I aspire to launch my manufacturing facility and wish to employ as many women as possible to help them be self-sufficient and independent.

It has been quite a journey so far. I have personally looked into every aspect of the products. From our packaging to fabric selections to choosing a delivery partner and doing pop-up exhibitions, I have been particular about everything apart from being super excited. I have had so many new experiences to learn from, but the best one so far has been our first pop-up where we sold over one lakh in sales in just two days. We have our presence in a few boutiques as well now. The response so far has been good, and I couldn’t be happier.

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