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I Had A Beautiful Daughter With The Woman I Loved And I Lost Them

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I am a guy from a middle class family. My parents arranged my marriage with a girl I knew nothing about.

We got engaged and were very happy with the compatibility. Both of us used to talk daily on phone calls after our engagement. A few months later, we both got married and that was the most wonderful moment of my life. I thought we were made for each other and that's what everyone said after seeing us together. She lived with my family after marriage for one year, and after that I took her with me to Delhi where I got a new job.

Six months later, my wife got pregnant and I was so happy that I couldn't express it in words. Then god blessed me with a baby girl. It was like Goddess Laxmi had graced my life.

We were very happy together and I thought I had everything I had wished for!

A few months passed by and my neighbour's wife told me that a man was visiting our house in my absence. When I asked my wife about it, she said that her friend and his wife were visiting her. I believed what she said but my gut instinct kept making me uncomfortable.

Some days later, my neighbor told me that her male friend came home again. I had had enough. I asked my wife what kind of friend would have to visit everyday, especially in absence!

But she ignored my questions and went on as if my concerns didn't exist. It didn't take long for my life to change completely. She asked for a divorce. In her defense, she couldn't live without her boyfriend, whom she loved so deeply. Her boyfriend visited daily so they could have a sexual relationship. And when I realized this, I wanted to die.

Depression drowned me for several weeks. In a matter of months, she divorced me. I have to pay her an alimony every month, even though I had done nothing wrong. It does hurt me, but not as much as how much angst I feel that she took away my daughter. Is this what I deserve for loving someone truly?

I don't have anything to live for any more and I would rather die. My daughter is only two years old and I cannot meet her or hold her. I only have her pictures, which break my heart every time I look at them.

I neither can, nor wish to live without my daughter for much longer. I really wish I could die.

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