Dear World, I'm Not 'Just Another Helpless Widow': I Am More Powerful Than That

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 19 April, 2017

I had always been a quiet and studious girl. I grew up with two elder brothers and a strict mother, which meant that I had to do whatever they thought was right for me. All my life, they took every decision on my behalf. Back in school too, they compelled me to take up Arts stream, even though I was good at math and wanted to pursue it.

All I was ever told was that my family knew what was best for me and my life. Slowly, I too handed over my life to my mother. She, in turn handed it to my brothers as she believed men made the best decisions.

At the tender of 24, I was forced into marriage and my dreams of completing post-graduation were quashed. Moreover, the man I was married to was a ruthless person of no worth. I lived for 15 years with him, discovering that he was infested with everything that a girl despises.

To make matters worse, both our families abandoned us when my first child - a girl - was born.

I lived on through financial poverty, imprisoned by the tall orders of a man who could do nothing himself. However, he got a lung disease and died. I was left with two daughters, no security and nowhere to go to. Today, society perceives me as a widow without any financial stability. But, this widow dared to put her girls into a top-notch school and gave them the best education possible.

After all these years of imprisonment, I finally feel free. I began at a point in life when most people quit and I am happy about it. While some women prefer to sit back for the rest of their life in these situations, I stood up and did the best I could.

As my daughters grow up, I won't ask for help from anyone. I don't live to be rich. I only want to be a woman who did not lose to life in the eyes of her daughters, and that shall make me everlasting in their minds. That shall be my life.