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An Open Letter To My Uptight Mother-In-Law: I Happen To Be In Your Family

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*For representational purpose only.

This is not a story but it is an open letter to my mother-in-law.

Dear mother-in-law,

When we first met, I really liked you. You pretended to be like the most educated and best woman in the world. But slowly you started to show your true colors. On my engagement day when I wore the dress you people gave me, I looked remarkably beautiful.

You made an issue because I was wearing the lehenga below my navel.

When I came to live in your house after marriage, you purposely left all the work on me and slept all day. You would rant to people that you have no time left to yourself because you have so much to do. Even when I was pregnant, you didn’t bother to give me some rest. You would just rant to people that you were very busy and that I was always ill. You would tell them that I can’t do anything.

When my mom was down with chikungunya, you didn’t allow me to go to her saying it’s not considered a good omen to visit my maternal place in the 8th month.

Although doctors always advised me to take a healthy, protein-rich diet, you kept employing your silly orthodox restrictions and fed me your nutrition less food. You even taunted me several times that I have got thick skin and I won’t b healed quickly if I go through a cesarean. I would vomit and sit in the washroom itself when I was not able to walk to the room or bed. You never bothered to have a look at me, to see what I was going through.

When finally my angel was born, you didn’t care for me even then and neither did you allow my parents to take me with them. I developed several bad diseases because of this.

No matter what you did to me, I never raised my voice to say anything to you because my parents taught me not to answer back in a high pitch to elders. But now I have had enough of it. I won’t answer you back, but I also won’t follow your instructions blindly anymore. You have a daughter who is elder than me and still unmarried. But when she will get married, only then you will understand my pain and I will wait for that day. I don’t respect you anymore. You are just my husband's mother and father-in-law's wife. You will never have that special place again in my heart.

Regards, Your son’s wife

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