Your System's Broken So Don't Expect Us To Jump At The Chance To Get Married

Anonymous Anonymous in Bakkar. Chai. Sutta on 2 April, 2018

Marriage is one of the biggest decisions of life, and it is also probably the toughest decisions for every woman as they have to leave behind their home which was their sweet heaven since birth. Their freedom, eating habits, lifestyle, dressing habits everything is history in one go. There will be no one there in your in-laws’ home to take care of you as your mother does for you. Even though your in-laws love you so much, there will be no one to feed you, pamper you and love you unconditionally like your mother does. Your mom will not be around to caress your face when you have a very bad day at office, and your father will not be around to bring you your favorite item when he returns home late from work.

From being a daughter to a daughter-in-law, you have to change your dressing style, eating habits, you have to make adjustments in your lifestyle, because women who are married can’t sleep after 7 am as in-laws have expectations that they have to do all the house hold chores, pick up all the plates after everyone has their meals, clean the tables etc.

Why can’t the men do all this? Can’t they wake up early to help themselves get ready for work? But they can sleep as much as they like, because apparently they are the only ones who get tired. No matter how bad a day we have at office, after reaching home we must do all the house hold chores. If and when cousin/relatives turn up, daughter-in-laws are the ones who need to satisfy everyone’s needs in the home and should not take rest even for a minute. Why is there so much change to adapt to, when a daughter becomes a daughter-in-law? Why can’t men leave their parents?

Why only women should face this from centuries? Why can’t we have our own lifestyle and live by our own rules? Why do we need babysitters even though we are adults?

Why can’t we go on trips with friends after marriage? Why can’t we wear sleeveless outfits? Why do we need to ask permission to visit our parents’ place? Why can’t a mother-in-law be the mother for her children but not mother her own daughter-in-law? Doesn’t she remember that once upon a time, she was also the daughter-in-law of that house? Why is there a huge difference between mother and mother-in-law? A girl leaves everything for that one person expecting that he will keep her happy in all situations then why can’t he understand her plight and help her instead of being a mute spectator? Why can’t he change the society’s norms at least in their home? Why the different rules for men and women?

I hope every girl gets a mother in her mother-in-law and I hope the society changes.
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