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What Does Privacy Really Mean To You?

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Privacy is the right to be let alone or freedom from interference or intrusion. This is the textbook definition of the word 'privacy'. Almost everyone is aware of it, but the issue is nobody is willing to apply it in their lives. Whether it is letting your kid close their bedroom door or leaving someone alone when they don't wish to be disturbed. We never understand the meaning of giving someone their privacy or their space.

In our Indian Constitution, Article 21 states that "No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law", which in simple words means that every person is given the liberty of keeping their lives private. This includes even the celebrities of our country.

Recently, the rumours of Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif's marriage have been going around. Though neither of them has said anything on this, the paparazzi spread vague news about their relationship and marriage ceremony. They are trolled for putting restrictions and conditions on the guests attending the wedding. Netizens are saying that they are overdoing things.

But why are we interfering in their personal lives? Even if the rumours are true, why can't we leave them alone if they do not wish to reveal anything? Why are we trolling them instead of minding our own business? So what if they are celebrities having a huge fan following? Aren't they human beings? They aren't compelled to share every detail from their personal lives. Besides, if they are taking such strict measures to protect their privacy, we should be ashamed of ourselves as their fans. They have to take so much trouble just because we refuse to give them their privacy.

A simple question to ask is whether we like the world intruding into our space? When someone asks us a personal question, we usually tell them to mind their own business though they don't mean any harm. So, when we don't like anybody intruding into our space, why do we expect others to be an open book? Don't you think it is hypocrisy? So, now you have to think and decide if it is right to intrude in their private life and judge them for living their lives as they want.

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