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This Raksha Bandha, Tie Your Pet A Rakhi: Here's Why

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The festival of Raksha Bandhan is not merely a celebration of love between siblings; it is also an expression of love towards pets. Our four-legged pooches also play an enormous part in protecting us. Many consider them as their very own siblings, especially children and so do we. We consider having pets to be a blessing.

Rakhi denotes a lovable band for the unique individual with whom you share a bond, and we are really open to and appreciating this new approach of tying rakhis to pets. The sole meaning of this festival is not just tying a rakhi but love and commitment. So why refrain it to brothers and sisters only?

Do you remember Tuffy, the adorable spitz from Hum Aapke Hain Koun? Tuffy is one of our favorite characters, and he played a pivotal role. How can you not fall in love with a cute pooch who always seems to come to the rescue? He even had his own costume for the film. Madhuri Dixit adopted him after the filming of Hum Aapke Hain Koun was completed! This film, and others like them, demonstrate that BFFs may be anyone and that animal friends can sometimes be better than human friends.

Pets make our lives better in so many ways. They’re our furry friends, confidantes, and protectors. Why not thank them with Rakhi on a special day. It's a mutual desire to keep each other safe.

It's been a wonderful experience to be a pet parent. We believe we had a connection or Bandhan with Buddy the minute we saw him and got him home. Both parties knew that we are made for each other and destined to be together. He has given us so many unforgettable moments that are beyond imagination.

Whether or not you believe in dogs, this Nepalese ritual will help you re-establish some trust in humans. Every dog has his or her day, and for Nepalese dogs, that expression could not be more true.

The five-day Nepalese Hindu holiday of Tihar with Kukur Tihar, or "day of the dogs," Tika - a red mark applied to the dog's forehead - is a symbol of celebration and blessing. The event is a long-standing tradition among Nepalese people, and it is thought to honor the link between humans and dogs. On this day, Nepalese people honor stray dogs with garlands and apply vermillion on them, in addition to feeding them.

Coming to our fond memories with Buddy. We celebrate all the Indian festivals with Buddy. We celebrated Holi with him by applying colors on him and taking him for a swim. On Diwali night, we'll take him to see firecrackers at Niagara Falls. We will have food outside on a pet-friendly patio. He is a very active dog who prefers to spend most of his time outside, which allows him to go on lengthy walks, treks, and other excursions. We have taken him for kayaking, bird watching, beach walking etc. He loves to swim so we often go to beaches to play fetch. I throw the ball or a stick in the water and he swims all the way to fetch it. He absolutely loves it.

Once we were on a hike and Buddy’s mom slipped and got hurt. Buddy continued to lick her as if to tell her that he's there for her. For the return trip home, he sat in her lap. So warm and caring.

Better mornings. Hikes that are longer. There are more humorous. Buddy's affection has impacted our lives in all of these ways. 

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