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Screaming Out A "YOLO" Is Not Going To Change The Fact That You And I Are Doomed

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I don't know how to start. Well, but then some things are better said rather than left untold. Although, in recent times, you never know how people use your words against you. I guess it's better to write it down. So here goes:

"Follow your dreams", "Don't think about what others say, they are not those who were there for you", "Travel the world”, “meet new people and enjoy different cultures","YOLO" and blah blah blah.

The list goes on. But my question is, do we really do this or are just fooling ourselves by such sayings? I mean everyone has a dream but honestly how many of us have sacrificed them to reach the stage we are now? So where are these sayings now? And as for, "don't think about what others say", I mean come on! Every day, every second, we just behave ourselves so that these so-called “others” accept us into their social group.

Lots of selfies, looking out for the best angles, poses and all the check-ins, status updates, for likes, views and comments. Is this what they mean by not paying heed to others?

It's like we are not living for ourselves, it's like living life for others, a life full of lies, faking each and every second. It's like a drama stage. Everything we do, we don't do for ourselves. It is like being controlled and becoming slaves of social media, so much that we forget to actually see people for what they are. Our society once was a place where people gave each other respect, kids were thought to be respectful to elders and say whatever they wish to say they say in a polite manner. But now it's upside down. Every day we come across kids shouting in foul-mouthed language, not respecting the privacy of others, or behaving in a way which is harmful not only to them but to those around them, and who is to blame?

Has our society forgotten about respect or is it that the parents of those kids don't teach them manners?

But we conveniently shift the blame for all this on movies by saying they follow the stars blindly. Is this what parenting is about? We should be the role models for our children not someone else who just dances, flirts and does stunts. I see and hear a lot of parents saying that their child is behaving in a bad way, like shouting at the elders, breaking things around the house if they are mad or need anything, threatening to leave the house or commit suicide. And the biggest and most horrible part is that some parents don't even know what their children are up to, they don't know who their friends are, where do they go off to, what time do they come home etc. It's like they just left them in the middle of the road and these youngsters grow up to become more short-tempered and foul-mouthed. Is this the way we want our future generation to be? And with these questions in my mind,

I look out my window with the stubborn thought that I will never bring up my child like this.

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