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My View Towards Sexuality Changed Only After I Moved To A City

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I never thought so deeply about Trans people the way I did this year.

I used to live in a small town with my parents and like of the other people, they never spoke clearly about this issue openly. But they were successful in making me think that it was taboo.

I moved out last year, living my life on my own terms in a metro and finally. I was free: free to explore. I met different people from different backgrounds on the streets; observed, talked and mingled with people from different backgrounds and sexualities. It was not a big deal anymore.

There are some close friends and family members who think that Transgenderism, Transwomen or Transmen with different sexuality, and gay people were just mentally sick; or that it was some kind of special mental disease that we only notice in the rich society because they don't have to think much about earning bread or that they don't have to struggle to live every single day.

They say that Trans and gay people looked sick and slutty. They say that modern generation is bad.

But they are people. Even some heterosexual women wear "slutty" clothes, heterosexual cis men have been guilty of rape and murders. Does that mean we are all mentally sick?!

And maybe, Trans people and gay people were still there in your generation, mixed with the crowd, wearing masks, afraid to voice their hearts out!

Because look at you, you all are so judgmental! Maybe, they found this generation slightly better and embracing, so that they felt a little comfortable to expose and express themselves. All of them aren't rapists, and all of them aren't committing a crime! They found their inner selves, which maximum of "middle-class" people like us failed to do, because of society!

Maybe some of them from the upper class expresses more because they are a little more power! What's your problem? Are you jealous because you can't do what you want? Just be happy for someone who is working hard to what they want!

They are fighting their own battles, just like you do! They are fighting an even bigger battle:  a perennial struggle to exist in this mean world.

They are just minding their own business! Why can't you?!

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