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It Feels Personal Because There Is A Sushant In All Of Us

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*For representational purpose only.

Those who cannot like this, it's OK. I can understand, tumko bhi ghar chalana hai, tumhaare aaka bura maan jaayenge, koi baat nahi padh lo sirf.

Few people like Karan Johar, Salman Khan, YRF and Sir Sushant Singh Rajput are there in each industry. We all feel like Sushant Singh Rajput's death is our personal loss, because we all have one Sushant inside us. That Sushant, who has many dreams, who works hard each and every day to make dreams into reality. That Sushant who is squeezed, smashed, bullied, trolled because he dares to swim against the tide. That Sushant inside us is liked by masses, don't believe in bootlicking, stands on his feet and is self-made.

Not just that, the Sushant inside us believes in sticking to morals, ethics, and is so determined that he gives 100 percent in everything, just because he believes in himself.

Well, frankly speaking, Nepotism and Discrimination are there in each and every industry. They don't let genuine talent rise up and other kinds of exploitations are common. But today let's talk about our "Teaching industry". This is a place where all complaints against vindictive principals go unheard. If the faculty name gets flashed and they become a little famous because of their hard work, then the Branded Coaching Classes immediately replaces them with some other person.

They 'll give you enough money to forget your dreams for sure. No matter the amount of hard work the faculty puts in for a prolonged period, they're just here until beneficial to the institute.

Guys, please fall in love with your work and not your company. You can be replaced anytime.

Thanks to Atmanirbhar, you have an option open to start up your own Coaching Classes. But, likewise, if any new start up Coaching Classes does little well, they will be smashed by offering money and forced to shut down or merge with the Brand. Existence becomes difficult otherwise. Here, if you try to stand against all the norms and still make efforts, people won't support you. 

People only like Big Brands. That is where the monopoly begins. Like they made Sushant suffer, we all suffer a little each day for our existence and for ourselves. Do you know who is at fault in both the cases: Bollywood and Coaching Institutes? It's the Janta! People keep chasing these false icons.

Use the basic principle of "Substance over form" when trying to connect with people. I have faith, someday, the honest members of our fraternity and frustrated entrepreneurs/teachers shall step out. Until our own little civil war happens against this nonsense, stay strong.

P.S. If Big Brand Coaching Classes become the KJo of the industry, don't worry. You have a choice to become a fierce Kangana and not Sushant. Suicide is never a solution guys, no matter what. Stay strong, aim high, work hard and be positive. Rise from this sh**! 

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