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If You Believe In Karma, This Is For You

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We usually believe in something based on the situation. Truth always exists.
There are many sides to an incident or a story. One of them is the truth and the remaining ones are perceptions of different people and what they believe to their convenience.

We always believe in the side that we are comfortable with. That’s the most we can do when we don’t know the truth.

Negative incidents are really funny. For example, consider the match-fixing incident of former Indian Cricket team captain Mohd Azharuddin that shook the entire nation. Only he knows whether he did it or not. We obviously believed what was convenient for us.

It’s so funny that even when he said he didn’t do anything, most people didn’t believe him. But if he had said he did it, everyone would have believed him.

See how funny it is. Both are said by him but it doesn’t make any difference to what we believe even after the court’s verdict. So it’s all about convenience. For instance, My sister got to know about some incident and she was worried about whether it’s true or not.

Then she talked to me about it and I simply asked her to believe in the side of the story that makes her happy and keeps her at peace because the situation was such where the truth was unfound.

That’s what I told her when she asked me how I am so chill and unaffected most of the time.

Now, coming to karma and past life.

Those who believe in karma may also believe in a past life.

Karma can hit you hard for your actions in this life or in your next life. Or if you are wondering why it’s already hitting you for no reason, it’s for what you did in your previous life. That’s one way to approach the concept of karma.

Gautama Buddha was the first person to talk about past life. He said that people will be born again and again and their karma gets piled up unless and until they do something to burn the karma.

I had a lot of confusion around it. Earlier thought was like, if I believe in karma, I shouldn’t analyze what’s right and wrong in a situation and let karma act upon it and take action instead of me. And when I can’t do all of that, I don’t want to believe in karma.

Immediately I realized the thought itself was wrong.

Here are few situations that lead to the realization.

Consider The Holocaust during World War II. Around 6 million Jews were killed during the time. 

Adolf Hitler believed that Jews were the enemy of the German people. That single thought of a leader led to the torture and killings of so many Jews.

How is that fair to the people who died? They had done nothing to deserve that treatment. And what happened in the end? Hitler committed suicide. That’s it? That’s how it was supposed to end for him? Is that enough?

Around all this, what I think is maybe the Jews had to die. Maybe their karma had hit them in this way. Maybe they had done worse things in their previous lives. So, maybe nature had made a plan for all of them to be born as a single community known as 'Jews' and created a person like 'Hitler' to get a thought to kill them all.

These are the thoughts I get when I think about karma. Even if it’s their karma, what Hitler did was wrong. He had to be punished. But no one could. He committed suicide. Maybe that’s his karma. He had to die or be killed for all the terrible things he did. Maybe he was even worse in his previous life and that he should get punished and nature made him kill all the Jews who were innocent in this life. And as killing innocent people is wrong, he was guilty and died.

Nature also created someone like Schindler to save some people (maybe the people who hadn’t done wrong in their past lives).

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