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I Wish I Could Tell You Why I Have This Disease

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Somedays, I wish I had a switch. A regulator, to customise my emotions, on the basis of the situation. To not feel alone in a crowded room, to not laugh whenever something bad happens. To be able to cry, and let things out, and to not bottle up everything inside.

Somedays I wish I could explain everything that goes on inside my head. To say the things I never could, and rephrase everything I said wrong. Someday I wish I have the strength to tell the truth and not continue to hurt people, to speak up, or sit down, or whatever I never would.

Somedays I wish I could confront, not those who did wrong to me, or those who stood by my side. I wish I could confront myself in the hope to understand where exactly it all went wrong, to apologise to myself, for not being brave enough, and to inspire myself to continue, even in the worst of times. Somedays I wish I had the courage to be me, to love me enough more than loving everyone around, and let go of everything that weighs me down. To just feel the peace, face the fears and look in the mirror and say "YOU'RE ENOUGH".

In India, every 3rd person is going through such anxiety and stress. It's extremely important to reach out to those suffering from the same. In case you're suffering, please reach out to the people and take help don't just bottle up your emotions. It's important to speak, you'll feel better. Mental health is still a stigma in a country like India.

Guys, don't even go to look for the reasons why someone is feeling a certain way, or what are the reasons for which they feel depressed. They are human beings. Their brains get tired. Trust me, this isn't because of any reason- it's a disease as deadly as cancer. We never ask a person with cancer why he or she got such a disease. Don't even give them suggestion and advice, they already know they are suffering through something.

Just be there with them and love them, care with all you can. Let's win this battle together. Just like your physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing is extremely important.

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