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Dear Parent, Why Would You Forbid Me From Talking To Strangers All My Life Only To Force Me To Marry One?

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I am a 27 year old South Indian girl.

All of my cousin sisters who are younger than me have got married. Some of them even have babies. I have a government job and am an independent girl but that's not enough in our society. All they care about is your marital status.

I am in love with a guy but because we belong to different states we can't have a happy ending.

Now the only option which Indian parents know about is arranged marriage. Arranged marriage is about everything except about the two people who are getting married. It is more like online shopping. You look at the images, the description and voila if you like it, you order it (get married). But, only when you receive the package, you will get to know the how good the product is.

The sad part although, is that you can't exchange the item. You have to keep it even if u don't like it. Even if it doesn't fit. That's how it all works and right now I am frustrated.

I don't get the concept of arranged marriages. We are always forbidden to talk to strangers but marrying one is fine.

Indian parents love to watch romantic movies, or praise the love story of Radha Krishna and other Gods but when it comes to their own children, they become against it.

Arranged marriage is a scam, dear parent and for once stop thinking about "log Kya kahenge", and start thinking about what your kids want to do with their life. Allow them to make their own choices and let them live their life!

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