When Life Forces You To Change, This Happens

Anonymous Anonymous in Stolen Diaries on 28 July, 2017

It had ended even before it had begun,
Maybe this is God’s way of having fun!
I realize, life is not a walk on a cake
It is as fragile as a frozen lake.

I have no reason, nor a clue,
Why this has happened, out of the blue,
Several feelings which have no meaning
Just keep flooding by, as though the soul needs a cleaning.

Everything around me looks a shade of pain,

Reminding me of all the efforts that have gone in vain
Like clouds that thunder, but bring no rain,
Am I sorry for myself, or afraid of the stain?

I see many closed doors, with no keys,
Why do I get to smile only when I pay the fees?
Bundle of questions waiting for one reply,

Each day is a gift, but then, conditions apply.

With friends around me, I actually feel lonely,
I wonder things would change, if only…
"The grapes are sour", is what I'm faking,
Am I losing me, or is it, ME in the making?