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When Life Forces You To Change, This Happens

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*For representational purpose only.

It had ended even before it had begun,
Maybe this is God’s way of having fun!
I realize, life is not a walk on a cake
It is as fragile as a frozen lake.

I have no reason, nor a clue,
Why this has happened, out of the blue,
Several feelings which have no meaning
Just keep flooding by, as though the soul needs a cleaning.

Everything around me looks a shade of pain,

Reminding me of all the efforts that have gone in vain
Like clouds that thunder, but bring no rain,
Am I sorry for myself, or afraid of the stain?

I see many closed doors, with no keys,
Why do I get to smile only when I pay the fees?
Bundle of questions waiting for one reply,

Each day is a gift, but then, conditions apply.

With friends around me, I actually feel lonely,
I wonder things would change, if only…
"The grapes are sour", is what I'm faking,
Am I losing me, or is it, ME in the making?

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