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What It's Like To Date Your Best Friend And Never Say It

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Into The Unknown

He was my best friend.
And I mean that in every sense of the word there is.

He inspired me.
We fought all the time but we always found our way back to each other.
People always thought that we were secretly going out with each other.
And it wasn't so.

We discussed it. And somehow it never really happened.
We were content with where we were.
And we weren't more than friends. Not even on one instance.
But I was always there when he needed to talk about his dreams, his fears, what moves him.
I saw the stars in his eyes when he talked to me.

Still he never named it 'love'.

He was always there when I needed to vent.
He was my guardian, my guide,my protector, my adviser, my support system.
He was more than most.
He was my everything.

Still I never named it 'love'.

There are lots of movies you come across in your daily life about 'boy-girl friendships' and how complicated and messy they can be.

Somehow it wasn't like that for us.

Most of the times.
There was always someone he occasionally ogled, liked even.
And I was always jealous.

There was always someone I occasionally dated for a while, ultimately ending it for reasons unknown even to me.
And he disapproved of all those guys.

It's been a year now.
We have been away from each other.
The chemistry hasn't faded.
We still fight a lot.
We still make up.
Most of the times.

And we still haven't labelled it.

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