This Poem Will Inspire You To Never Give Up Even If Someone's Forcing You To: Read It

Anonymous Anonymous in Stolen Diaries on 11 April, 2017

My wings are holding themselves together,
With a hell lot of difficulty,
You tried chopping them off,
With your sword: made of criticism, hate and the way you look at me disgustedly.

You keep on trying: trying to chain me down

With all your might,
Me, even with my soul shattered into a million shards,

I promise, I'll put up a good fight.

You mock at me for the way I fumble when I speak,

My lips smile, while my heart gives out a shriek.

Don't tell me that you love me and want to watch me grow,
Because when I am happy, I look at the way
You frown with your eyebrow(s).


Why can't you just walk away and leave me alone,
My heart aches, my soul wails out in pain,
aI am a human my friend: not a drone.

Sometimes I feel like embarking on a journey to never-land, for innumerable days,
But then, I ponder over my goals and dreams,
And I realize, I can't do anything, but stay.

You try to suppress me, weigh me down with pessimism, agony and plethora of doubts,
But I guess you forgot;

I am an eagle my friend, meant to fly high, above the clouds!