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Thanks To Our Mothers, We Have The Love Story We Deserve

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*For representational purpose only.

After a decade of denial, I came out in 2017 and told my mom I was gay - I broke down. But she was so calm - "This is normal, why are you crying?" I was so relieved!

8 months later, I saw Anmol's profile on an app and thought he was so handsome. I sent him a request and we chatted about our dreams and values - we were a perfect match! Within 3 days, Anmol said, ‘I love you’. I didn't understand how to react. There was an awkward silence, but he said, ‘Koi baat nahi, tujhe bhi ho jayega.

I loved how expressive he was but I was worried we were moving fast. But he was so real that I kept going back to him. Anmol advised we speak to each other’s moms! So he called my mom & said, ‘Namaste mamma’–she couldn’t stop smiling!

2 weeks later, we met for our first date & while strolling around, we shared our first kiss. This was pre-377, so I was startled, but Anmol didn’t care. After the kiss, he professed his love again. I was certainly sure & said, ‘I love you too’.

For the subsequent 2 months, we kept going on dates and we’d talk all night. But shortly after, my dad got a stroke due to some financial stress & slipped into a coma. Anmol was in Bhopal, but as soon as he heard, he rushed back. My CA exams were coming up, so Anmol insisted on being with mom while I studied.

He ran errands & helped her but most importantly, treated her as his own. That’s when I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. On my birthday, while we were still in the hospital, he gave me a commitment ring. And a few weeks later, on Anmol’s birthday, I gave him one too!

By then, my dad was out of danger–life got back to the new normal & Anmol moved to Canada for his postgrad. For 3 years, we’ve been doing long distance. I’ve become Anmol’s alarm clock–every day, before I sleep, I wake him up. We hardly fight but when we do, Anmol texts within 10 mins–‘Mynkii, I love you!’ He can’t stay mad for long!

Finally, last year, on Mother’s day, we chose to come out as a couple on FB–‘Me & my fiánce Anmol’. Our love story wouldn’t have happened without our moms–this was our way of honoring them. Now, I can’t wait for Anmol to come back to India, get married & raise a family- he's the man I want to grow old with.

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