If Ramayana Happened Right Now In New York, This Is How It Would Be

Meghana Ravichandran Meghana Ravichandran in Stolen Diaries on 25 March, 2018

Our story begins in New York, where Dasar Arth, multi-trillionaire hugely successful author of ‘Blissed out (in love?)’ is getting married to Kausi Aleya, the eldest daughter of the Magdalena textile industry’s founder. They have a respectful and loving relationship, which is made sweeter with the birth of a son, whom they name Rom. Sadly, as Dasar goes back to his playboy ways of flirting courtship, Kausi and he have an annulment of their marriage, with her vowing to never go through such an exhausting decision again.

Within the year, Wedding bells ring for Dasar again, this time to Kaiyi Keya, the 2nd daughter of the Keyon shipping industry’s founder. This turned out to be a truly exotic union of the minds and both of them vibed off each other to the point of cloying media attention. Their son, Brady was the candy of the media. Sadly, trouble in paradise began to appear again, as Dasar went out on yet another set of flirtatious outings. An enraged Kaiyi had an out of court settlement for divorce and Dasar sourly accepted his loss.

But, it was no surprise that by the end of the year Dasar again in a wedding attire. This time he was tying the knot with Sumira Itara, the youngest daughter of the Koshi Makeup industry’s founder. At the end of their first year as a couple, the couple is blessed with twins, whom they name Lucky and Shathur. Unfortunately, Sumira passes away due to natural causes just as the twins turn 3 years old and thus, Dasar decides that he wants all his boys interacting, if not together. So that there was still the influence of a father figure in their lives.

After a year of grieving, Kaiyi and he are back together as a couple, respects and love paid to Sumira with utmost ceremony to get the media to accept their getting back together.

Dasar’s 4 sons are made to join the same prestigious academy, VASHTA, where the boys were trained in fencing, archery, horse riding and parkour, aside from being top of their classes in business management and technological advancements. Mutual consent was taken to have Rom and Lucky under the care of Kausi, while Brady and Shatur were under the care of Kaiyi. They were to stay at their father’s mansion on long holidays and behave as brotherly as they could get (or so Dasar hoped). This proved not to be too hard as the 4 brothers vied to shine in the eyes of their father and tried their utmost best to stay in the good books of the media too.

When all seems like a fairy tale and the whole family has gathered in the mansion to have a grand dinner in celebration of the boys graduating with top honours, Dasar has an allergic reaction to the sweets Rom got for him and is rushed to his private physician’s hospital. The media gets wind of this and is full of gleeful hatred towards Rom, whom they all thought would be getting his father’s inheritance.

The media makes it into the news of the century. Lucky shows his allegiance to Rom, after he has a war of words with Shatur of what is the whole truth behind the mishap that occurred to their father and sides with Rom, while Kaiyi makes suggestive statements to the media of Rom’s mother and his reactions of presumed concern. 

Rom publically declares that he and his mother do not care for what they call now a ‘tainted’ gift. He says that he will prove himself to be a genuine businessman without the use of his father’s name.

That night in the ICU, Dasar, who is slowly coming back to consciousness, overhears Kaiyi sobbing, while having an angry outburst against her aunt Mandy, who tells her this is nothing to be afraid of and that Dasar can now realize the painful humiliation she had to go through when the media had come out with the picture of her in the red wine stained, formerly ‘pure’ white couture dress that he had tipsily sloshed wine on and spoilt during an awards ceremony. Kaiyi screams at her aunt for making her seem like a monstrosity to the media, to which Mandy tells her to calm down and call her later as she walks out of the ICU, with a malicious smile on her face.

Dasar goes into a very deep depression when he figures out that Kaiyi only remarried him for the sake of the inheritance going to Brady. The next day after he is taken back to his mansion, he tells Kaiyi not to worry and that he just wants to be alone for a few days to contemplate on his next book. She readily agrees to take Brady and Shatur on a seaside picnic for a few days and departs with her entourage. Dasar pens down on a sheet of paper his last words and that night overdoses on sleeping pills. The next morning, he is found comatose and unresponsive by the butler, who then rings up his lawyers and Kaiyi.

At this point in time Rom and Lucky are at Kausi’s mansion in Canada, where she is trying her best to keep them all out of the media’s eye. The head lawyer calls Kausi to inform her of the tragedy, to which she drops to her knees, white as a sheet before Rom can get to her side. The head lawyer tells Rom of the last words and will of his father, which state that the inheritance is to be split equally among the brothers. Rom and Lucky are shocked by these turn of events, but tell the lawyer that they will only accept their share after finishing the challenge that Rom had put across in the media.

The funeral of Dasar is a sorrowful affair, which is attended by all the biggest publishers he had worked with, who try their best to convince Rom to take up his dad’s whole inheritance by contesting that he is the original child. Disgusted by the capitalistic pig-headedness of theirs, Rom hurriedly pays respects to his father and walks out of the mansion after wishing Brady and Shatur in whatever else they choose to do next.

Back in Canada, Rom manages to help a small scale pastry business to take off. Rom becomes more reserved and even Lucky is not able to make him open up, much to the worry of Kausi. One day, Rom comes across a girl, who he describes to his mother as a beautiful angel descended from heaven just for him. He is so head over heels for her that, after tailing her for a few days, one day he ends up suddenly going up to her and proposing his affection. Spooked by this handsome stranger’s abrupt proposal, she runs into a palatial house nearby.

Rom doesn’t back down and approaches the house and is greeted coldly by the girl’s father and bodyguards. He explains who he is and tells his future father-in-law of his current situation. It turns out this is Mr Janoka, the wealthiest food merchant in Canada and the one Rom had fallen for was his daughter Silanta, who had also been eyeing Rom for quite some time. Their marriage is conducted with grandeur, at the end of the month with Lucky as the best man and Kausi happy to have prestigious in-laws.

Rom and Silanta, accompanied by Lucky move to Cape Town to help out a struggling multi-million dollar business and retrievals group called Vanerus, who are facing a grave problem of output shortages and almost coup like situations in their internal management sector. Rom becomes fast friends with Anjendro, a very capable guard of one of the two bosses of the company when he deftly saves Rom from a fall from the 3rd floor due to a sabotaged railing. Silanta proves her hidden capabilities, when she spots certain discrepancies that point at one of the bosses, Volin. Upon further investigation, he is arrested and along with his accomplices is put behind bars. Sugvin, his brother is made to take over completely and does a brilliant job bringing back the company to its former glory, with timely inputs from Lucky on how he can improve certain sectors.

Since moving to Cape Town, Rom and Lucky didn’t know that they were being eyed by Surenka, the sister of the local mafia don. Dressed very suggestively, she barged in on their weekly family time at an intercity cafe and told Rom that Silanta was trash compared to her. Lucky enraged at the insult to his sister-in-law dumps a mug of water onto her head, while Rom comforts Silanta as they quickly leave the café. Enraged at the insult and her ruined outfit, she runs back to her brother Ravado’s main holding and tells him to redeem her of this insult by cutting into the pretty face of Silanta.

Ravado was not a person anyone wanted to get tangled with. Lusting, for both power and women, he got what he wanted or people simply disappeared. Hearing about Silanta gets him excited to no bounds and he has a group of his elite underlings to kidnap her. He wants to break her before he can make her his, and so imprisons her in one of his warehouses that has a room with blacked out windows, cameras that capture her every move and no door on the bathroom.

Rom is sent a mafia-style letter, telling him to forget Silanta ever existed as she is now Ravado’s property. An enraged and shocked Rom breaks down and has to be taken care of by Lucky, who contacts Anjendro and lets him know of the situation. Anjendro, though his street connections, learns of where Silanta has been kept and goes to check up on the place, but is unfortunately caught before he can reach her. He is brought before Ravado, who marvels at the audacity of his to even think of breaking into his warehouse. Anjendro, an expert in the art of escape as he is a former special tactics officer, dislocates his left wrist and frees himself from the ropes and manages to set part of the warehouse on fire before he declares that Ravado will pay for his crimes and severely, if he even thinks of harming Silanta. Anjendro saves himself from gunshots by rolling downhill of the warehouse in an iron barrel. He manages to alert Rom,

Lucky and Sugvin of his efforts at retrieval before fainting in Rom’s arms.

It has been 5 days since she has seen the outside world and Silanta tries her best not to breakdown and puts on a brave façade. She feels proud that she can hold out this much and her delight at overhearing the guards speak of Anjendro’s infiltration, is equally matched by the creeping dread she feels of what might happen to her. She reverently prays that Rom comes soon to rescue her soon.

The Vanerus group back Rom and Lucky wholeheartedly and their special task force assemble under the leadership of Anjendro, with the sole purpose of the upcoming mission being to reunite Rom and Silanta at all costs. Lucky and Anjendro find a way of bribing the mafia’s booze shipper to lace all the drinks with allergen and sleeping pills. This proves to be only partially helpful as half the guards are tottering and half asleep, but still capable of fighting. The task force of 20 along with Anjendro, Rom and Lucky prove to be a force to be reckoned with as they make short work of the approached underlings and are pretty soon confronted by an enraged Ravado, who is out for blood for being made to look like a fool.

Rom challenges him to a fencing death match to which Ravado answers by rushing at him with a sharp foil. What ensues would be spoken among the Vanerus as a divine incident that showcased skill, power, and endurance, ending with Rom slicing Ravado’s jugular vein.

Ravado gives a maniacal laugh at his defeat as he falls and a mighty shout of victory is echoed all around before they immediately resume the search for Silanta.

Silanta is, of course, found by her loving Rom, feverish but happy that she held strong. Led by an enthusiastic Lucky, they all have an encouraging cheer while she cries into Rom’s shoulder as she faints and is then rushed to the hospital. The wonder of wonders, the doctors announce that Rom should be happy that she is stable and is expecting twins. Rom cannot help but feel shocked with happiness, as Lucky playfully taunts him on what a busy man he has been. The special task force of the Vanerus and Anjendro swear to protect them all no matter what and in a sudden display of brotherly affection Rom hugs Anjendro and Lucky as he cries to how blessed he is to have them around.

So, in the end, Rom does head back to NY after 15 years, this time with an extended full family of Silanta, their twin 5 year old boys Lev and Kesh, Lucky, a small fraction of the Vanerus business group and of course, faithful Anjendro, who has made it his duty to protect them all.

Rom helps set up a memorial library in the name of his father, whose workings are then handed over to Brady and Shatur, who realize that they need him more than they know. Kaiyi begs for his forgiveness, but pretty soon moves on with some other rich and handsome man. Kausi is perpetually happy to have them all back safe and has her hands full with the twins who love her to no end. Rom and Silanta retake their vows of happiness and can never be seen without one another, happy to be in the life of their significant other. Oh! And don’t worry, Lucky finds himself a partner too, a cheerful girl called Ulessa Milona, who turns out to be Silanta’s cousin.

Well, it’s safe to say that this retelling ends right here. Happiness prevails and that’s all that matters. May we see each other again soon in another story’s retelling. Until then, Adieu!
Author's Note:

My objective is to recreate the Ramayana in a typical modern setting with tropes borrowed from certain celebrities and Indian movies. I declare the following story my own creation, with no intended insult to anyone. This is just my attempt to creatively rewrite a famous epic.

Editor's Note:

All the literature students in India spend an entire semester learning the importance of Indian mythologies and how they rock because of the way they can be retold even thousands of years later. Share this story to make it relevant even today.